The Course

Qualities of a Good Poster

I have said that this course is a participatory course -- a "learning community" -- in which your class "presence" is crucial. I have said that "the visible heart of our community is the discussion board." Well, how will you and I know if you are "present" on the discussion board in the active manner we need you to be?

Here is a list of traits to practice on the discussion board that help create the successful interaction required for healthy community:

  • consistent and timely involvement
  • willingness to initiate
  • raising appropriate, interesting, and provocative topics
  • adequate support for your views
  • taking responsibility for keeping the conversation going
  • willingness to listen and respond to others
  • evidence of learning from others
  • respect for and toleration of difference
  • tenacity when you feel right
  • a willingness to change when you don't feel so right
  • clarity and eloquence in expression
  • signs of intellectual growth
  • decent manners

I will ask questions like:

  • "Did you actively contribute to creating an atmosphere conducive to better learning by all?"
  • "Did you help others do their best work?"
  • "Was the class better because you were in it?"
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