The Course


This course is about close reading of texts that results in thoughtful discussion about them, especially on the class discussion board. In addition, I will be asking you to participate through a series of surveys and class discussions in substantial meta-analysis of your posts, the posts of others, and posts in general in order to raise consciousness about the art of discussion board writing.

50% -- class presence quantitatively

  • can we "count" on you?
  • assignments submitted within time frame
  • surveys completed
  • punctuality
  • keeping on schedule
  • etc.

50% -- class presence qualitatively

  • presence is not mechanical
  • evidence of the "Qualities of a Good Poster"
  • evidence of good "Communityship"
  • "Did you actively contribute to creating an atmosphere conducive to better learning by all?"
  • "Did you help others do their best work?"
  • "Was the class better because you were in it?"
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