CPN Research: The Promise of Ultra-High Definition

Dbiophotonics deviceNo matter what the Best Buy salesperson may tell you, 4K is not 'the ultimate' in television viewing—not even close. As 8K UHD creeps closer to the marketplace and the industry pushes for ever-greater density, researchers in Lehigh's Display Research Lab are discovering new materials and process for producing ever more powerful thin-film transistors, a key element in next-generation digital technologies. Hatalis is working with a new material— indium gallium zinc oxide, or IGZO— that can produce the smaller thin film transistor (TFT) components demanded by UHD formats while providing more than 10 times the current of TFTs now made with amorphous silicon. Working in Lehigh's Display Research Laboratory, a unique facility that can produce prototype displays almost from scratch, Professor Miltos Hatalis and his team have improved the manufacturing process to increase the performance and reliability of IGZO transistors. The delicate procedure involves several deposition steps, photolithography, etching and other techniques.
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