Integrated Nanofabrication & Cleanroom

The Integrated Nanofabrication and Cleanroom Facility (INCF) supports research and developments in microfabrication techniques, and device fabrications. MORE >>

MOCVD Epitaxy & Synthesis

Lehigh University's Smith Laboratory facility supports research in the fields of semiconductor nanostructure, semiconductor optoelectronics, photonics integrated circuits, and III-Nitride and III-V semiconductor devices. MORE >>

Optical / Devices / Systems Characterization Facility

Extensive material characterization facilities are available to support such operations as Hall measurements, optical reflectance, photoluminescence mapping, x-ray diffractometering, atomic force microscopy, confocal and scanning near-field optical microscopy. MORE >>

Computational Resources

Lehigh provides computational capabilities for various aspects of semiconductor optoelectronics and semiconductor nanostructure devices. MORE >>

Nanocharacterization (CAMN)

The Nanocharacterization Laboratory contains one of the largest electron microscopy facilities in the U.S., with a suite of scanning, transmission and scanning/transmission instruments. These are well suited for characterizing nanoscale structures and chemistry via an unparalleled range of imaging and analytical methods. MORE >>

Equipment Status

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