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Witec alpha300RA confocal Raman and Fluorescence Zeiss microscope with in situ SPM

Prof. Rotkin and the group of 13 other faculty across different Science and Engineering disciplines acquired a new shared facility: Witec alpha300RA, combined confocal Raman and Fluorescence Zeiss microscope setup with in situ Scanning Probe microscope. Customized configuration allows hyper‐spectral imaging of submicrometer features in nanomaterials and nanofabricated samples in visible and/or near‐IR spectral range – that is, to perform “multi-color” Raman, or photoluminescence (PL) mapping of the samples, revealing chemical content and electronic properties at the single pixel level (down to the focal spot size). Using a scanning probe, AFM image can be superimposed on the hyper-spectral map.

The system includes two dedicated spectrometers (f=300 mm) which allows taking single point spectra, as well as imaging by acquiring line scans or maps in Raman (100‐3500 1/cm) and vis‐PL (400‐1050 nm) spectral range (with a specialized Si low‐noise high pixel array camera). Additionally, the same point/line/2D hyper‐spectral imaging is available in NIR‐PL (800‐1700 nm) spectral range (with a second InGaAs detector). The system is equipped with a specialized motion stage allowing the high‐speed acquisition of large Raman/PL/NIR‐PL maps in 3D (50 mm‐50 mm‐30 mm range with 100 nm step) and high‐precision piezo‐stage (85 um‐85 um‐50 um range with 0.1 nm step) for high‐resolution imaging of smaller area/volume. The system features two laser sources for both visible and NIR excitation (532 and 785 nm). The system allows standard bright (10x, 20x and 100x) and dark field (50x) microscopy (upright).

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