About CPN

The Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics (CPN) at Lehigh University is devoted to exploration in photonics, electronics, and solid state devices. We channel Lehigh's intellectual and physical resources into breakthrough photonics and nanoelectronics research that serves to addresses hot-button challenges in energy, sustainabile infrastructure and environment, and healthcare and biomedicine, to name a few.

CPN researchers develop novel material devices and device architectures, partnering with and integrating Lehigh's research foundations in computational science and engineering, materials, chemistry, physics, devices and systems; expertise and facilities affiliated with CPN support partnerships and projects with colleagues from across industry, academia, and government.


CPN represents the merger of two previous longstanding Lehigh research centers: the Center for Optical Technologies, which was devoted to photonics research, and the Sherman Fairchild Center for Solid-State Studies, which concentrated on research in electronics and solid state devices.