Lab News

We are in the process of ordering equipment to assess physiological aspects of stress and coping. This will allow us to examine stress, coping, and support in new and exciting ways.

Congratulations to Dr. Courtney Ignarri, the first Ph.D. graduate from the Coping Lab!

Recent Publications & Presentations

Association for Psychological Science, 23rd Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.

  • Trajectories of BMI From Early Childhood Through Early Adolescence: SES and Parenting Style Cheryl A. Bluestone, Christopher T. Burke, Sean P. Lane 
  • Symposium - Implicit Motives: Current Theoretical and Methodological Advances Society for the Study of Motivation

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Burke, C.T., Bolger, N., & Shrout, P.E. (2007). Individual differences in adjustment to spousal loss: A nonlinear mixed model analysis. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 31, 405-415.

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