Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

This HVAC trainer teaches students how to design a control system that regulates temperature in a chamber. The trainer features a chamber equipped with a temperature sensor, heat source, and fan. The experiments illustrates concepts covered in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics control courses.

Control techniques studied:

  • Tracking Control & Regulation
  • Disturbance Rejection
  • PID Controller Design
  • Robust Control
  • (H-infinity, µ-Synthesis, Sliding Mode)
  • Intelligent Control
  • (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, AI)
  • State-Space Design
  • (State-Feedback, Observer)
  • Frequency Analysis
  • (Bode and Nyquist Methods, Lead-Lag)
  • Root Locus Design
  • Multivariable Control Design
  • System Modeling & Simulation
  • (Coupled Dynamics)
  • System Identification (MISO)
  • Discrete Time Sampling