Instructor: Prof. Eugenio Schuster
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Room 454, Packard Laboratory, (610) 758-5253
schuster at

Teaching Assistant: Hexiang Wang - hew211 at

Date and Time: Tuesday/Thursday: 1:10 PM - 4:00P M

Location: PA 554 - Classroom

PA 378 - Laboratory

Prerequisites: Either CHE 386, ME 343, or ECE 212

Course Description:

Experiments on a variety of mechanical, electrical and chemical dynamic control systems. Exposure to state-of-the-art control instrumentation: sensors, transmitters, control valves, analog and digital controllers. Emphasis on design of feedback controllers and comparison of theoretical computer simulation predictions with actual experimental data. Interdisciplinary Lab teams.


MEM01: DC-motor servomechanism with tachometer

MEM02: Hydraulic servomechanism with tachometer

MEM03: DC motor position/velocity control trainer

MEM04: Rotary pendulum gantry/inverted-pendulum

PRO01: Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning (HVAC)

AERO01: Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)

AERO02: 3D Helicopter

PLC01: Programmable logic controller – Pick and Place

PLC02: Programmable logic controller – Traffic Signal

PLC03: Programmable logic controller – Washer

MAG01: Magnetic Levitation

EE01: OP-AMP-based transfer function synthesis


Use caution when actuating the experiments. Keep hands and hair clear of all moving parts! The apparatus can move erratically if control signals are lost or incorrect.

Safety glasses are to be worn whenever working in the lab.

Do not horseplay or misuse the equipment in the lab.

Do not eat or drink in the lab.