MEM01: DC-Motor Servomechanism

The Precision Modular Servo (PMS) workshop serves as a model of a very popular device, the DC Servo Motor. This is often used in robotic applications. The word ‘servo’ comes from the Latin word servus meaning servant or slave. Thus the servo motor is intended to react to a given command, for example a desired position or velocity. In order for the motor to be called a servo motor it has to be equipped with a velocity and position measurement unit and motor driver. It may also include a simple servo motor controller. The main features distinguishing servo motors from normal motors are:

  • minimized rotor inertia
  • minimized armature inductance
  • improved withstand voltage and magnet saturation
  • designed to withstand sudden acceleration and high frequency operation
The PMS unit allows for the design of different servo motor controllers and to test them in real time using the Matlab and Simulink environment.