Student Information

Chemical engineers serve a wide variety of technical and managerial functions within the chemical processing industry. For a lifetime of effectiveness they need a sound background in the fundamental sciences of chemistry and physics; a working capability with mathematics, numerical methods, and application of computer solutions; and a broad education in humanities, social sciences, and managerial techniques. For Undergraduate students, these bases are applied in a sequence of chemical and biomolecular engineering courses in which logic and mathematical manipulation are applied to chemical processing problems. Lehigh graduates have been effective throughout industry and in advanced professional education because of our approach to learning and having a broad base in scientific and general education. Adaptation is and fundamental understanding that is learned through our program forms the base for an expanding career.

This program is designed to prepare a student for graduate study in chemical and biomolecular engineering. Study at the graduate level leading to advanced degrees is highly desirable if an individual wishes to participate in the technical development of the field. We offer graduate programs leading to the master of science, master of engineering, and doctor of philosophy degrees in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and master of engineering degree in Biological Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. These programs are all custom tailored for individual student needs and professional goals.

Our Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department provides a superior education for men and women working in research, development, and the design fields or for teaching.