Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department have many opportunities to develop their career goals and make them a reality; with integrated programs, research and Co-Op learning, students can choose to move ahead of the crowd in an advanced learning environment. Our program provides a broad education that will prepare students with the tools to develop as future leaders in a variety of careers. The rigorous training in chemical and biomolecular engineering and other subjects and mentoring by the faculty prepares our students to be aware of and pursue graduate studies, research, or continuing education. Our program is specifically designed to prepare students to be sensitive to the social, ethical, and technical implications of their work as it affects the environment, safety, and health of citizens worldwide. By learning to communicate efficiently, work with classmates, think analytically and incorporate design into their education, the undergraduate is challenged and motivated to look at the globalized society and how to better serve the citizens of the world.

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Its easy to stay connected and find new and interesting research and projects posted by some of our undergraduate students on the ChemE Blogging site, check our Twitter Feed or follow Lehigh Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering on Facebook!