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The department of chemical and biomolecular engineering offers graduate programs leading to the master of science, master of engineering, and doctor of philosophy degrees. The programs are all custom tailored for individual student needs and professional goals. These individual programs are made possible by a diversity of faculty interests that are broadened and reinforced by cooperation between the department and several research centers on the campus.

A free flow of personnel and ideas between the centers and academic departments ensures that the student will have the widest choice of research activities. The student is also exposed to a wide range of ideas and information through courses and seminars to which both faculty and center personnel contribute. In addition, strong relationships with industry are maintained by the department and the research centers, some of which operate industrially-sponsored liaison programs whereby fundamental nonproprietary research is performed in areas of specific interest to participating sponsors.

While the department has interacted with most of the centers on campus, it has had unusually strong and continuing liaisons with Emulsion Polymers Institute, Process Modeling and Control Research Center, Biopharmaceutical Technology Institute and Materials Research Center. The Department also has a strong relation with the Bioengineering Program.

In addition to interacting with the centers, the department originates and encourages programs that range from those that are classical chemical and biomolecular engineering to those that are distinctly interdisciplinary. The department offers active and growing programs in adhesion and tribology; emulsion polymerization and latex technology; bulk polymer systems; process control; process improvement studies; rheology; computer applications; environmental engineering; thermodynamics; kinetics and catalysis; enzyme technology; and biochemical and biomolecular engineering.

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