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Dr. Jonas Baltrusaitis joins the department as Assistant Professor

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is pleased to announce that Dr. Jonas Baltrusaitis joined the department as Assistant Professor on August 15, 2014.

Dr. Baltrusaitis received his undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MS) degrees both in Chemical Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania. He received PhD degree in Chemistry from the U. of Iowa where he also spent time as a postdoctoral scholar. He has held positions of Adjunct Assistant Professor in the College of Public and Environmental Health as well as in Chemical Engineering at U. of Iowa. For three years, he served as Associate Director of the Central Microscopy Research Facility. He then joined University of Twente, Netherlands as an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering before moving to Lehigh this summer.

Dr. Baltrusaitis' research interests are in the areas of renewable (photoelectro) catalysis which combines materials development, surface physicochemical processes and nanoscience and their application to sustainable and environmentally conscious energy systems. He has particular interest in the chemistry and catalysis of methane, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide and these interest align with the campus initiatives in the area of shale/natural gas.

Dr. Baltrusaitis is author or co-author on over 110 journal publications in leading archival journals and is recipient of the Graduate Dean's Distinguished Dissertation Award from the University of Iowa in 2007.

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