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Inaugural John C. Chen Distinguished Lecture delivered by GeorgiaTech President Dr. G. P. ("Bud") Peterson on April 4, 2017

Chen Seminar

In 2017, the department started a new lecture series in honor of the late Dr. John Chen (1934-2013), the former Carl Anderson Endowed Chair of Chemical Engineering. The inaugural John C. Chen Distinguished Lecture as delivered by Dr. G. P. ("Bud") Peterson, President of GeorgiaTech on April 4, 2017.The title of the talk was "Future Directions for STEM Education and Research".

About Professor Chen:

Professor Chen was an internationally renowned in transport phenomena of multiphase systems, and a recognized pioneer in boiling and heat transfer. His 1966 paper “Correlation for Boiling Heat Transfer to Saturated Fluids in Convective Flow,” named in 2003 as a Classic Paper by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), developed the "Chen Method" of predicting the rate at which heat must be transfered to liquid to make it boil. The method has become the standard for designing vapor-liquid boiling systems used in the chemical, power, refrigeration, petroleum, nuclear and gas industries. It has been cited nearly 2000 times in technical arti-cles and textbooks.

Professor Chen taught undergraduate and graduate courses in chemical engineering and mechanical engineering over some four decades at Lehigh. During this time, he also served Lehigh as dean of engineering (1999-2001) and chair of chemical engineering (1983-1989). Over his career, he published more than 200 technical articles and won 18 major national or international research awards. Among Dr. Chen’s honors are the Melville Medal for archival literature, the Classic Paper Award from ASME, the Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Award, and the Max Planck Research Prize from Federal Republic of Germany. In late 2012, he was the inaugural recipient of the World Scientific Award in Boiling and Condensing Heat Transfer, for lifetime contributions to the fundamental understanding of boiling and condensing phenomenon, and for his ability to translate that understanding into better engineering practice.

Professor Chen was a fellow and past president of AIChE, as well as a fellow of the ASME and a member of the American Chemical Society and of the American Association for Advancement of Science. Professor Chen is survived by his spouse, Kathy, and several extended family members

April 2017

Professor John Chen

Professor John C. Chen