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Professor Anand Jagota wins Lehigh's Libsch Research Award for 2017

Professor Anand Jagota, the Robert W. Wieseman 1916 Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Director of the Bioengineering program at Lehigh has was selected as the recipient of Lehigh's Libsch Research Award for 2017. The objectives of this award are to: a) Recognize excellence in research, scholarship and/or artistic achievement, including the overall impact, as well as the quality and quantity of scholarly contributions; b) Reward those who perform distinguished research; c) Place research and scholarship on an equal footing with teaching and university service in the annual awarding of recognition.

The recipient(s), who must typically have completed at least ten years as a tenure-track faculty at a college, university or in an equivalent position at another type of institution, will be selected on the basis of one or a combination of the following: a) Extended demonstration of nationally/internationally recognized scholarly excellence; b) Bringing significant recognition to Lehigh (national/international fellowships, academy Memberships, reviews and/or high profile publicity in national/international media); c) A major research accomplishment in the last five years (scientific or technological Breakthrough, widely acclaimed book(s), publication or artistic production(s)).

Dr. Jagota was recognized for his many years of research.

Anand is one of the few researchers , who excels in both theory and experiment. His seminal work in the area of biomolecular adhesion onto nanostructures such as Carbon Nanotubes, e.g. on DNA-assisted dispersion and separation of carbon nanotubes in Nature Materials has been cited 2375 times. He also made outstanding contributions to the area of biomimetic materials and architectures for unique surface mechanical properties. Anand’s Laboratory has designed and fabricated several surface architectures that dramatically enhance adhesion and friction compared to flat surfaces made of the same material. He has contributed significantly to the understanding of how safety glasses work. His work on fracture of soft materials has provided important insights on how these materials fail. His ideas and experimental methods open up new ways to characterize the adhesion and friction of soft materials. In summary, Anand has distinguished himself as a scientist of intenational repute that has also enhanced no only the reputation of the department of Chemical and Biomolecular Enginerring, but also the Lehigh University. At the same time he is recognized for his mentoring ability and academic leadership. He is an excellent speaker and communicator. He has also contributed a significant amount of his time to advance and promote adhesion science. For example, he was the program chair of the Adhesion Society annual meeting in 2007 and he was the chair of the Gordon Conference on Adhesion Science in 2015.

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April 2017

Anand Jagota

Professor Anand Jagota, 2017 Libsch Award winner