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ChBE Graduate Students Organize Third Annual Research Symposium

The third annual graduate research symposium, hosted and organized by the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGA) was held on September 29th at Ben Franklin TechVentures on Lehigh’s Mountaintop Campus. The symposium featured six graduate student talks, twenty-seven poster presentations, and a keynote address by Dr. Robert Parker from the University of Pittsburgh entitled “Engineering Glucose Control Solutions for Intensive Care Patients”. Twenty-five representatives from eighteen different companies participated in the event, as well as graduate students, post docs, faculty members, and members of the Lehigh Administration.

Best poster presentation awards were given to the following graduate students:

Samira Anbari, “Tissue elongation driven by an auto-catalytic cell intercalation mechanism”

Justin Nice, “Bacterial outer membrane vesicles: more than just a toxin delivery vehicle”

Megha Sharma, “Leveraging nanoparticle template assembly and interfacial phenomenon for multi-scale control over polyimide-derived carbon molecular sieve films”

Leah Spangler “Single Enzyme Biomineralization of CuInS2, (CuInZn)S2, and CuInS2/ZnS Core/shell Quantum Dots for Bioimaging Applications”

The inaugural recipients of the John C. Chen graduate student fellowship (Leah Spangler and William Taifan) and the Kenneth A. Earhart Award (Christopher Curran) were recognized at the symposium.

This year’s symposium booklet can be found at the following link:

ChEGA would like to extend a special thanks to all the external visitors who participated in the symposium.

October 2017

Samira Anbari

Samira Anbari shows off her presentation award at this year's Graduate Research Symposium