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Three juniors and four doctoral graduate students from the department to be recognized as Rossin Fellows

Three juniors from the department -- Emily Speakman, Courtney Lenzo & Mary Cotturo -- will be inducted as Rossin Junior Fellows at the upcoming Rossin Ceremony on Friday, April 15th @ 3:30PM in Packard Lab, Room 101. Rossin junior fellows are a group of highly visible group of undergraduate student leaders with demonstrated academic and leadership capabilities. These Rossin Junior Fellows typically serve as peer counselors for prospective students, have a high potential for leadership and are charismatic communicators and organize special thematic tours in engineering. Every year, each department in the Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science nominates students for this recognition.

At the same ceremony, four doctoral graduate students from the department -- Megha Sharma, Matthew Urich, Matthew Wehrman and Elnaz Rasti Boroujeni -- will be inducted as Rossin Doctoral Fellows. The primary objective of the Rossin Doctoral Fellows program is to enhance the preparation of selected Lehigh engineering doctoral students for successful future academic careers. This objective is pursued by providing Rossin Doctoral Fellows with experiences focused on 1) better preparing them for success in obtaining faculty positions, and 2) better preparing them for success during the critical initial few years in academia. Rossin Doctoral Fellows benefit from participation in customized events and experiences that better prepare them to obtain and succeed in faculty positions after they graduate from Lehigh. They will also benefit from the association with academic career oriented peers that will be inherent to the program. Specific benefits associated with the program will include access to travel support and sponsored participation in professional development courses.

Megha Sharma conducts research in the area of "Ordered mesoporous and microporous ultrathin carbon membranes for separation systems" with her dissertation advisor Dr. Mark Snyder.

Matt Urich is studying "Optimal feedback control and operation of cyclically operated pressure swing adsorption systems for medical oxygen delivery systems" with his advisor Dr. Mayuresh Kothare.

Matt Wehrman is studying "The use of microrheology to characterize critical gel transitions for heterogeneous materials" with his dissertation advisor Dr. Kelly Schultz.

Elnaz Rasti Boroujeni studies "Identification of shared delivery mechanisms for outer membrane vesicles trafficking in gram negative bacteria for the development of antibacterial agents"" with her advisor Dr. Angela Brown.


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