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AIChE Student Chapter Engages Broughal Middle School 8th Graders in ChE Discovery

Lehigh’s student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) spent Friday, April 24th at Broughal Middle School working with more than 100 8th graders in Mrs. Lori Cirucci’s science classes to demonstrate a range of science and engineering concepts via interactive experiments and demonstrations, many with surprising visual results.

Led by Leah Tranovich, AIChE Vice President (’14-’15) and President-elect (’15-’16), and with the generous support of ExxonMobil, more than 15 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering undergraduates helped in the success of this event. In this third consecutive year working with Cirucci’s classes, the AIChE group aimed generally to stimulate the middle school students’ scientific interest and spur their motivation to think about futures in engineering and science. In addition, the demonstrations and interactive presentations focused on illustrating concepts critical to chemical engineering while highlighting the impact of chemical and biomolecular engineering in everyday life.

Demonstrations included chemical reactions employing the iodine clock—a student favorite invoking requests to record the demonstration on smart phones—and polymerization of Elmer’s glue containing iron filings to form magnetic slime, an interactive density tower, and surfactant driven food coloring “art” on milk “canvases”.

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Posted May 8, 2015


Broughal Students "painting' on milk at the AIChE outreach program with Broughal Middle School