News 2011


hybrids-thumb Healing the sick with nano-bio hybrids
If their interactions can be controlled, these combinations may lead to new cancer treatments and medical diagnoses. more >
Lehigh_032311_63_Instruments The tiniest of dimensions, the greatest of hopes
A trio of new instruments helps researchers sharpen their focus on the world of atoms and molecules. Few advances in modern science match the potential of nanotechnology to deliver so much from so little. more >
rising-star-mark-snyder Traffic control in the world of molecules
Tailoring membrane pores to achieve greener chemical purification and better solar cells. Mark Snyder, self-confessed traffic cop in the nano world, spends his days trying to make molecules – the right molecules – jump through hoops. more >
fish-sheds-light-BBerger.jpg A fish sheds light on cardiovascular disease
The heart, one of the first organs to develop in a human embryo, begins forming about a month after conception. Problems occurring during its development can lead to numerous diseases in adults. Berger studies the development of the embryo in the tiny zebrafish, whose heart is similar to a human’s. more >
proteins-mittal.jpg Predicting the 3-D structure of proteins
A protein chain gains unique properties when it folds into a 3-D configuration. Several serious diseases have been linked to protein misfolding. more >
gold-nanoparticles.jpg A hot bath for gold nanoparticles
Researchers find a way to enhance the particles’ catalytic activity. Gold nanoparticles are becoming some of chemistry’s best diplomats. They facilitate a wide range of reactions between molecules that would not normally interact or would do so only at much higher temperatures. more >