News 2010


mchughlab.jpg Modeling a polymer’s properties
A biodegradable fiber’s lightning-quick behaviors pose a challenge. A new generation of synthetic polymer fibers is starting to transform the textile industry. more >
measuring-cell2 Measuring the stiffness of a single living cell
Changes in the mechanical properties of biological cells, many scientists believe, are a major contributing factor to the development of bone, kidney and vascular disease. more >
toxicSenGupta Simple test uses pH to detect toxic metals in water
A new technique that uses pH to sense toxic metals in water could lead to the development of an inexpensive, easy-to-use device that monitors water quality. Such a device could help detect contamination in water bodies, enable households to test drinking water, and prove invaluable in countries with limited access to conventional water-testing techniques. more >
clusters2010.jpg Imaging advances greener catalysts
The catalytic processes used to produce chemicals and fuels could become much more environmentally friendly thanks to a discovery by researchers at Lehigh and Rice Universities. more >
engineering-affordable2010.jpg Engineering affordable medicine
Lehigh and the Mayo Clinic are collaborating to make medical care more affordable and accessible. Researchers are focusing their attention on medical systems engineering, integrated devices and monitoring, and emerging biomedical materials. more >
take-flight2010.jpg Bioengineers take flight
Students are making their mark in industry and graduate school. Lehigh’s undergraduate bioengineering program is one of the university’s newest engineering majors and is quickly becoming one of its most popular. more >
particle-Gilchristlab2010.jpg Particulate systems – “as much art as science, and fun to explore”
“Some scientists wake up in the morning to try to cure cancer,” says Gilchrist, the P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering. “I want to learn more about how particles interact in fluids.”. more >