News 2009


biomass-snyder 2009.jpg Tapping the potential of biomass
The world has spent billions to develop ethanol fuel additives, says Mark Snyder, but relatively little to make hydrocarbon fuels directly from biomass, which could potentially provide nearly half of America’s energy. more >
Qiaoqiang Gan Of cellular interiors and micromechanics
Alberto Bilenca and Jeetain Mittal, two new professors in different engineering disciplines, converge in their interest in biological challenges. more >
closing-Kothare2009.jpg Closing the loop
Researchers from Lehigh and Johns Hopkins are measuring the effect of sensory feedback on the transmission of brain signals. Their goal is to help people with brain damage regain lost function. more >
molecular-focus-wachs2009.jpg A singular, molecular focus yields more effective catalysts
Advances in oil refining, drug and chemical production and environmental protection, says Israel E. Wachs, depend on understanding the relationship between a material’s molecular structures and its catalytic properties. more >
nanotubes-jagota2009.jpg DNA brings carbon nanotubes’ promise closer to reality
A team of researchers from DuPont and Lehigh has reported a breakthrough in the quest to produce carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that are suitable for use in electronics, medicine and other applications. more >
proving- luthringer2009.jpg A valuable proving ground
Researchers sharpen their competitive edge in an annual undergraduate symposium. The event, held each spring in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, gives engineering students the chance to showcase their research. more >
healing.jpg Healing technology
Lehigh’s emerging biotechnology initiative will focus research efforts on diagnostic and therapeutic technologies with an emphasis on affordable medicine. more >
minutest1_2009JG.jpg The minutest choreography
Imagine this task: You must cover a football field with millions of tiny tiles, placing each in an assigned position. Would you rather install each tile by hand, or throw all the tiles in the air and hope each lands in its proper spot? more >
q-and-a_El-Asser.jpg Q&A - Mohamed S. El-Aasser: Legacy of a Lifelong Mentor
Mohamed S. El-Aasser, a renowned expert in emulsion polymerization and polymer colloids, has served Lehigh as university provost since 2004 and was recently named vice president for international affairs. In 37 years with Lehigh, El-Aasser has earned numerous honors for his research and has advised 64 Ph.D. students, 53 M.S. students and 31 postdoctoral fellows. more >
zinc1_2009.jpg Reaching for the sky
The potential benefits of solar energy, says Sudhakar Neti, seem almost as endless as the clear Arizona sky when they are compared with the cost, the pollution and the politics of fossil fuels. more >