News 2008


energies_vol2_08IW.jpg Creative energies
Energy research spans the gamut at Lehigh and is closely tied to environmental impact. Engineers harvest methane hydrates and chart fusion plasma flows. They work towards a hydrogen economy and solve complex power-plant challenges. Their goal: cleaner, smarter energy generation and end use now, and renewable sources for the future. more >
mimicking_vol2_08.jpg Mimicking nature
Researchers are paying heed to geckoes and other lizards and insects that are able to run up, down or sideways on nearly any surface, wall or ceiling, without falling off. Their remarkable ability has inspired studies of new forms of adhesives. more >
sorption_vol2_08.jpg A high-synergy sorption selectively captures arsenic
A Lehigh invention that removes arsenic from groundwater is being used on four continents. The technology, sold as ArsenXnp, utilizes a hybrid anion exchanger to disperse iron nanoparticles throughout a polymer-based bead. The nanoparticles selectively adsorb arsenic as well as phosphate, vanadate and other contaminants more >
071409 Resolve 05.jpg Delving deeper into the surface
Lehigh’s already-renowned capabilities in the science of surface analysis have received an exciting boost, thanks to the acquisition of two critical new instruments. more >
burst_vol1_08.gif Exploding the “burst effect”
The burst effect – in which a large drug volume is quickly released into the body – can be dangerous. Furthermore, the drugs’ expense makes it advantageous to contain them in the carrier as long as possible and to release them in a sustained manner. more >