The chemical and biomolecular engineering department is the only engineering department located on Lehigh's 780-acre Mountaintop Campus. Here the department occupies approximately one-third of Iacocca Hall, the 200,000-square-foot flagship building that contains offices, classrooms, and laboratories. Additional plant facilities, and the undergraduate chemical processing laboratory occupy approximately 10,000-square-feet in the nearby Imbt building.

These facilities provide excellent support for a wide range of general and special laboratory equipment for undergraduate and graduate studies of the behavior of typical chemical processing units; bioengineering research; nanotechnology; energy; biochemical engineering; polymers; digital computation for process dynamics study; and study of thermodynamics, kinetics, heat transfer, and mass transfer.

The chemical and biomolecular engineering department has established a senior design laboratory in Iacocca Hall featuring 25 PCs. In addition, a 10PC university maintained computing laboratory is available nearby.