Take a few moments to learn about our structural engineering faculty and their various areas of interest. Click the name of a faculty member to learn more about what he or she researches. When you're done, the links at the bottom will take you back to the main CEE research page or to another specific research area.

Structural Engineering Faculty

Paolo Bocchini
Assistant Professor
  • Resilience and sustainability of infrastructure systems
  • Computational mechanics
  • Probabilistic structural analysis
  • Structural reliability
  • Bridge network analysis
  • Structural health monitoring by guided ultrasonic waves
John W. Fisher
Professor Emeritus
  • Structural connections
  • Fatigue behavior of welded components
  • Fracture analysis of steel structures
  • Behavior and performance of steel bridges
Dan M. Frangopol
Professor, Fazlur Rahman Khan Endowed Chair
  • Safety, reliability, risk, resilience and sustainability of civil, marine and distributed infrastructure
  • Probabilistic optimal life-cycle cost design, inspection, maintenance and management of infrastructure systems
  • Bridge engineering and optimal management of bridge networks under uncertainty based on life-cycle cost
  • Probabilistic damage assessment and safety evaluation of existing structures
  • Life-cycle performance-based system reliability assessment of buildings, bridges, and marine structures
  • Multi-hazard risk mitigation, risk-informed decision making and climate change effects on civil infrastructure
Peter Mueller
Associate Professor
  • Behavior of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
  • Truss models for concrete connections
Clay Naito
  • Experimental and analytical evaluation of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures subjected to extreme events, including earthquakes and intentional blast demands
Shamim N. Pakzad
Associate Professor
  • Structural health monitoring; wireless sensor networks
  • Damage detection
  • System identification and signal processing
  • Probabilistic methods in civil engineering and structural reliability
  • Random vibrations and structural dynamics
  • Structural monitoring of large infrastructures and bridges
Stephen Pessiki
  • Behavior and design of structures
  • Nondestructive evaluation of materials and structures
  • Fire effects on structures
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Innovative building systems
  • Thermal performance of building envelopes
Spencer Quiel
Assistant Professor
  • Structural resistance to extreme loads, particularly fire and blast
  • Design of structures to resist progressive collapse
  • Structural robustness and resilience
  • Development of improved design standards via experimental testing and computational analysis
James M. Ricles
Bruce G. Johnston Endowed Professor
  • Seismic response and retrofit of steel or composite steel-concrete connections, components and systems
  • Innovative advanced structural systems for seismic hazard mitigation
  • Real-time hybrid testing for simulation of dynamic loading
  • Structural applications of advanced materials
  • Behavior of steel structures at elevated temperatures
  • Repair of damaged or deteriorated offshore structures
Richard Sause
Joseph T. Stuart Professor
  • Application of high-performance materials
  • Innovative structural systems
  • Highway bridges and structures
  • Earthquake-resistant and blast-resistant structures
  • Simulation of structural dynamic response
John L. Wilson
  • Collaborative information systems
  • Computer modeling of complex systems
  • Life-cycle process models
  • Behavior of structural members and systems