Sharon Balogh Celebrates 50 Years at Lehigh

The department has gone through many changes since 1966, and our coordinator was there to see them all.

Sharon Balogh 50 Years at Lehigh

Anyone who has spent time in the Fritz Lab sixth floor lounge has probably rifled through the candy dish sitting next to the water cooler. Coordinator Sharon Balogh resupplies it daily, and while it hasn't always been in that location, she's been filling the bowl for more than 50 years.

Sharon joined the department in 1966. "I was in commercial art and started out in the department's drafting office," she says. "We were all graphic artists and technical illustrators. Back then, everything was done by hand and in ink — class presentations, research reports, slides, dissertations. It was all together different than it is with computers."

The staff then was much larger than it is today. "Every professor had their own secretary in the beginning, so there were a lot of us here in Fritz Lab."

As technology evolved, the need for these meticulous, hand-crafted teaching materials diminished. "I was in the drafting office for 32 years, but it was just myself and one other person at the end."

When Jack Gera, her colleague, moved up to the ATLSS Engineering Research Center, Sharon ran her own drafting office, and after a while, she began helping the department's financial coordinator, Dawn McClay with accounting and billing.

"I joined the department in 1977, so I've known Sharon for almost 40 years," McClay says. "During that time, she also coordinated all the faculty, staff, and student photographs on the lab floor. She's a wonderful person who loves her children and grandchildren very much, and she's always had the loveliest and best decorated office in the building."

Sharon's role today is part-time and primarily consists of making sure Fritz is stocked with all the supplies it needs to keep business moving along smoothly — including candy.

But she still loves coming to campus every morning. "It's always been such a nice place to work," she says. "It's hard to believe it's been 50 years."

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By John Gilpatrick

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