Class of 2016 Makes Its Mark

Many of our most recent crop of graduates accepted positions at top engineering companies. Others are continuing their education at distinguished universities around the country.

Lehigh Class of 2016

Dylan Friedgen-Veitch '16 first learned about the Presidential Scholarship, which gives graduating students with GPAs of 3.75 or higher a tuition-free fifth year, when he toured Lehigh University as a high school student.

"I used it to motivate me to do well during my undergraduate career," he says. "I thought that if I worked hard, I could use that fifth year to potentially finish a degree or pursue another one, and I really think it has paid off."

Friedgen-Veitch is now a graduate student in environmental engineering, researching volatile organic compound (VOC) adsorption onto activated carbon with John Fox, assistant professor of environmental engineering. "We are hoping to find a way to physically or chemically change the carbon to improve collection efficiency, and I'm really enjoying working on the project."

He is one of eight students who graduated this spring from the department of civil and environmental engineering and decided to stay at Lehigh to pursue a master's degree.

Another is Sam Hau '16. "I want to pursue a career in designing and building skyscrapers and other complex structures," he says. "However, in today's engineering industry, a master's degree is almost required to join a firm working on these complex structures."

Because his sights are set on a top design firm, Hau chose to join the department's ten-month Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering program. "The M. Eng. in Structural Engineering program boasts a 100% employment rate by graduation. This reputation attracted me greatly."

Several months into the program, Hau and his fellow M.Eng. students three of whom are also members of the Lehigh CEE Class of 2016 are working diligently and collectively on a group design project sponsored by a major firm. Each student also has an individual project. "I am enjoying them because I feel that these projects allow me to take ownership of my studies."

Some members of the Class of 2016 have chosen to pursue their advanced degrees at other universities. Jordan Greer '16 chose to attend the University of California, Davis to study geotechnical engineering. "I always wanted to try living in California after growing up on the east coast," she says. "It never snows!"

Others are at universities such as Georgia Tech and the University of Michigan.

Not everyone chose to stay in school, however. Many of our graduates in both civil and environmental engineering are making their mark at top companies and governmental agencies across the country AECOM, Whiting-Turner, Clark Construction, the LiRo Group, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, among many others while some are pursuing opportunities outside of civil and environmental engineering at companies like Price Waterhouse Cooper and RBC Capital Markets.

By John Gilpatrick



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