Graduate Student Successes 2016-17

Congratulations to the following students for successfully defending their doctoral dissertations in civil, environmental, or structural engineering and graduating with their Ph.D.s during the 2016-17 academic year:

Frank Artmont
"Evaluation of the Fatigue Performance and Dynamic Behavior of Single Support Bar Modular Bridge Expansion Joint Systems"
Advisors: Sougata Roy and Richard Sause

Xin Chu
"Probabilistic Seismic Performance Assessment of Low-Ductility Concentrically Braced Frame in East Coast U.S."
Advisors: Shamim N. Pakzad and James M. Ricles

Michael German
"Hybrid Anion Exchange Nanotechnology (HAIX-Nano) for Concurrent Trace Contaminant Removal with Partial Desalination: Laboratory and Field-Scale Investigations"
Advisor: Arup K. SenGupta

Aman Karamlou
"Multi-Scale Methodologies for Probabilistic Resilience Assessment and Enhancement of Bridges and Transportation Systems"
Advisor: Paolo Bocchini

Karim Kazemi Bidokhti
"Large-Scale Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Structures"
Advisor: James M. Ricles

Samantha Sabatino
"Optimal Decision Making and Life-Cycle Management Considering Risk, Sustainability, and Utility: Applications to Bridges and Ships"
Advisor: Dan M. Frangopol

WuRong Shih
"Bedload Movement: From Initiation of Motion to High Transport Rates"
Advisor: Panos Diplas

Suguang Xiao
"Geothermal Deep Foundations:Bridge Anti-icing and Thermo-Mechanical Response"
Advisor: Muhannad Suleiman

Additional congratulations are extended to the following Ph.D. candidates in civil and environmental engineering for being named P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellows earlier this year:

Rehab Elzeiny
Nur Sila Gulgec
Nasser Heydari
Chelsey Shepsko
Bhavana Valeti

The fellowship is to recognize doctoral candidates within the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science for their scholarship and academic excellence and for their contributions to Lehigh and the community.