Graduate Student Successes

Congratulations to the following students for successfully defending their doctoral dissertations in civil, environmental, or structural engineering and graduating with their Ph.D.s in May 2016:

Omid Ahmadi
"Seismic Collapse Assessment of Self-Centering Steel Moment Resisting Frame Systems with Web Friction Devices"
Advisor: James Ricles and Richard Sause

Tugce Akbas
"Seismic Response Analysis of Structures with Nonlinear Mechanisms Using Modal Approach"
Advisor: Richard Sause and James Ricles

Christina P. Cercone
"Advances in Design Procedures and Detailing of Structural Systems"
Advisor: Clay Naito

Baiping Dong
"Large-Scale Experimental, Numerical, and Design Studies of Steel MRF Structures with Nonlinear Viscous Dampers under Seismic Loading"
Advisor: Richard Sause and James Ricles

You Dong
"Risk, Resilience, and Sustainability-Informed Assessment and Management of Aging Structural Systems"
Advisor: Dan Frangopol

Chinmoy Kolay
"Parametrically Dissipative Explicit Direct Integration Algorithms for Computational and Experimental Structural Dynamics"
Advisor: James Ricles

Hai Lin
"Microbial Modification of Soil for Ground Improvement"
Advisor: Muhannad Suleiman and Derick Brown

Xia Luo
"Characterization of Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocyst Attachment to Environmental Biofilm Surfaces"
Advisor: Kristen Jellison

Leary Pakiding
"Experimental and Numerical Studies of Seismic Resistant Unbonded Post-Tensioned Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls"
Advisor: Stephen Pessiki and Richard Sause

Golnaz Shahidi
"Physics-based and Data-driven Methods with Compact Computing Emphasis for Structural Health Monitoring"
Advisor: Shamim Pakzad and John Wilson

Ebrahim Tahmasebi
"Damage Analysis of Steel Concentrically Braced Frame Systems under Seismic Conditions"
Advisor: James Ricles and Richard Sause

Yu Tian
"Stability of Anaerobic Biological Wastewater Treatment Process through Use of In-situ Ion Exchange Fiber"
Advisor: Derick Brown

Georgios Tsampras
"Analysis, Development, and Experimental Assessment of Floor Diaphragm Deformable Connection System for Earthquake-resistant Buildings"
Advisor: Richard Sause

Hankai Zhu
"Impact of Charge-Regulation Effect on Bacterial Growth and Bioavailability of Sorbed Growth Substrates"
Advisor: Derick Brown

Additional congratulations are extended to Jinze Li, Ph.D. candidate in environmental engineering, and Vasileios Christou, Ph.D. candidate in structural engineering, for being named named P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellows at a ceremony earlier this year.

The fellowship is to recognize doctoral candidates within the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science for their scholarship and academic excellence and for their contributions to Lehigh and the community. They join seven other current Ph.D. candidates and P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellows from the civil and environmental engineering department: Xin Chu, Aman Karamlou, Rosalin Mendez, Alysson Mondoro, Samantha Sabatino, WuRong Shih, and Suguang Xiao.

Thomas Hai Lin

Thomas Hai Lin is one of 14 Lehigh CEE students to receive their Ph.D. this spring.