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Linda Lowe-Krentz, Ph.D.

Linda Lowe-Krentz, Ph.D.

Research Interest:

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Research Interests

Heparin Effects in the vasculature

Heparin is best known as an anticoagulant, but heparin and related carbohydrate chains referred to as heparan sulfates do much more than alter blood clotting.  A major focus of research in the laboratory is aimed at improved understanding of the mechanisms by which heparin alters the physiology of endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells.  Publications from the laboratory have identified aspects of heparin induced signaling including the involvement of cGMP-dependent protein kinase and induction of MKP-1/DUSP1, a phosphatase that inactivates MAPK enzymes.  We continue to study signaling events in vascular cells that occur in response to heparin treatment.

Heparin Receptor

Starting with monoclonal antibodies we developed that mimic heparin effects on vascular cells, we have identified a candidate heparin receptor and are now carrying out studies to determine the extent to which this protein is involved in vascular cell responses to heparin. 

The newest research area in the laboratory is in collaboration with the Iovine laboratory to investigate the involvement of the heparin receptor activated by our monoclonal antibodies in the vasculature of zebrafish.

Linda Lowe-Krentz, Ph.D.


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Linda Lowe-Krentz, Ph.D.

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Joshua Slee, Ph.D., '13
Wutigri Nimlamool, Ph.D., '13
Jeffrey Vassallo, Ph.D., '12
Raymond Pugh, Ph.D., '10
Meron Mengistu, Ph.D., '08
Daniella Kanyi, Ph.D., '07
Susan Spits, Ph.D., '02
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Catherine Granzow, Ph.D., '97
Cristy Stanley Dougherty, Ph.D., '96
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