Sheila Clabby

During her time at Lehigh, Sheila Clabby was not only a talented field hockey player but also an impressive student. In 2005, Clabby graduated after majoring in psychology and minoring in studio art. Maintaining a 3.83 average earned Clabby several spots on the Patriot League Academic Honor Roll as well as the Dean’s List throughout her four years at Lehigh. As one of twelve students selected to serve as a Martindale Scholar in 2004, Clabby had the opportunity to study international business during her spring semester in Madrid, Spain. In her free time at Lehigh, Clabby was also a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and served as an Admissions fellow.

In addition to her academic success, Clabby excelled on the field. As the Patriot League’s 2004 Field Hockey Scholar Athlete of the Year, Clabby helped lead her team to the Patriot League tournament for the first time since 1996 and was also awarded First Team All-Patriot League honors. Reaching her first Patriot League Tournament her senior year remains one of her most memorable athletic experiences at Lehigh. “When we beat Lafayette [for] the first time since I’d been there, it was our Senior Night and the game decided whether or not we’d get into the Patriot League Tournament. Winning that was an amazing experience,” remembers Clabby.

Clabby continues to stay busy and is just as successful in all her current endeavors as she was at Lehigh.

Presently, Clabby continues to stay busy and is just as successful in all her current endeavors as she was at Lehigh. Clabby is working for Vivaldi Partners, which is a global strategy consulting firm and has lived in Manhattan for the past three years. During her time at Vivaldi Partners, Clabby has worked with several large companies to innovate their images and marketing plans, including Pam Cooking Spray, AAA, Perdue Farms, and American Express. Additionally, she is busy applying to business schools on top of running her own small business selling originals and prints of her own work. Her business can be found online at Before working for Vivaldi Partners, Clabby worked a year and a half for Eccentric Software Consulting, which specializes in information technology consulting.

“[Lehigh] definitely prepared me for the work environment because when you are a college athlete you are so used to managing your time and not even having time,” said Clabby. “My work does not require me to run around the field, but not having time, working under pressure, working on a team in stressful situations - all those aspects really prepared me for the workforce and I think it made me a little bit tougher.”

While her current job does not require her to “run around the field,” Clabby still finds time to play field hockey in a pick up league in the city. She is also preparing to run the New York City Half Marathon with all the field hockey players she graduated with in 2005. “Waking up early to go running reminds me of preseason. If I can [survive preseason], then this should be easier,” said Clabby of running the half marathon.

Clabby and her teammates from 2005 continue to keep in touch through emails and even meet a few times a month. In addition to enjoying the lasting friendships she has made at Lehigh, Clabby urges athletes to appreciate their complete experience. “I think it’s important to focus on the big picture. Don’t focus on the ups and downs or how much it hurts, but realize you are doing something greater than that and keep your eye on the big picture and your overall goals. What you get to do and have the opportunity to do…it’s pretty amazing to experience and go through after four years. It’s a pretty big accomplishment. Remember to have as much fun as you can in four years because that’s the ultimate goal.”

Story written by Christine Weiss