Throughout this celebratory year, Lehigh University recognizes the contributions and accomplishments of its female faculty, students, and graduates. As the university community celebrates the transformational decision made in 1971 to enroll women into undergraduate programs, it also acknowledges the contributions and accomplishments of Lehigh women today and highlights a handful of the many who will have an impact on the world.


Constance Cook

Studies the role of founder worship rituals in the preservation and manipulation of social memory.

Robin Dillon

Examines the idea of arrogance in her current book project, Arrogance: The Deadliest Sin.

Suzanne Edwards

Interested in the ways texts from the 13th-15th centuries represent and define sexual violence.

Mary Foltz

Studies 20th century writers and examines their depictions of waste in fiction.

Kristen Jellison

Leading a Lehigh effort to help a small rural community ensure a clean, reliable supply of water.

Kashi Johnson

For artists like Kashi Johnson, Hip Hop theatre provides opportunities to discover new voices.

Mary Nicholas

Began a study of conceptualism in Russia and its place in modernism and postmodernism.

Holona Ochs

Finds that tips are a weak signal of quality and not an effective monitoring mechanism.

Kathy Olson

Researches copyright law and the issues surrounding the fair use doctrine.

Stephanie Powell Watts

Covers themes of family, religion, and the South for her short stories and nonfiction essays.

Chava Weissler

Has immersed herself in virtual 3-D Jewish neighborhoods and befriended members.

Hyland Appointed Associate Dean

Diane Hyland, professor of psychology, was appointed associate dean for faculty and staff.

Olson Elected To APSA Council

Laura Katz Olson, professor of political science, was elected to a two-year term on the American Political Science Association (APSA) Council.