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James R. McIntosh

Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Lehigh University
681 Taylor Street
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015-3169
Office phone: 610-758-3809
Home phone: 610-865-3487
Fax: 610-758-6552


Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1970
Dissertation: "The Sociology of Deviant Phenomena: An Analysis of Four Theories and Beyond"

M.A., New School for Social Research, 1963
Thesis:  "Dutch Ethical Policy and Indonesian Nationalism"

B.A., Colby College, 1960

Research Interests

Alcohol use and abuse, particularly among college students
Prison programs and policies

Professional Experience

Lehigh University (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)

Department Chair, 2001-present
Professor, 1984-present
Department Chair, 1981-1990
Associate Professor, 1974-1984
Assistant Professor, 1970-1974
Instructor, 1966-1970

Kent University (Canterbury, England)

Visiting Professor, Fall 1990

Courses Taught

Introductory Sociology
Social Deviance and Social Control
Case Studies in Social Control
Alcohol Science and Society
Internship in Social Relations
Development of Social Theory

Awards and Honors

1994 The Hillman Award - for having done the most to advance the interests of Lehigh University.
1989 Outstanding Faculty Award  IFC/PANHEL. Lehigh University.
1974 Named: Associate Albion Small Fellow, Colby College.


1993-1996  PennServe Grant, Pa. Department of Labor; $57,375 for The LU Literacy Corps (a  tutoring program run in my courses).
1995  Iacocca Institute Grant.
1994  Faculty Grant, Lehigh University, $1000 for a graduate student's assistance.
1987 Grants from the Gibson Institute and office of Research,  Lehigh University.
1985 Grant from the Gibson Institute, Lehigh University.
1981 Grant from the Office of Research, Lehigh University.
1972 Faculty grant - Lehigh University.
1970 Faculty grant - Lehigh University.
1966 University Grant -  Syracuse University.
1964-1965 Ford Foundation Grant - PASC at Syracuse.



1974  Perspectives on Marginality  Allyn and Bacon, 314 pp.

Articles, Reviews and Reports

2003 "Alcoholism" and "The Gin Craze." In, Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopedia. ABC-Clio.

2000 Syllabi, "Alcohol, Science and Society" & "Drinks, Drugs and Do-Gooders" in The Sociology of Alcohol & Drugs Syllabi and Teaching Materials. Compiled and Edited by P. Roman, et al. American Sociological Association.

999 Film Review, "The Choice of a Lifetime: Education Before Fatherhood" Science Books & Film Vol 35, #6.

1998 Op-Ed article, "In Drinking Wars, Students Are Smarter Than Schools" Philadelphia Inquirer Oct. 15. Reprinted:   (Project Impact, Lehigh University).

1998 Film Review, "My Friend Jenny: Portrait of an Addict" Science Books & Film Vol 34, # 6 August/September.

1995 Film Review, "Children of the Night"  Science Books &  Film  Vol 31, #3, April.

1992 Book Review, "Alcohol in America",  W. Clark & M. Hilton. Contemporary Sociology 21, 4, November.

1992 Film Review, (six films of a series devoted to social problems) Science Books & Film 28, 8, November.

1991 Film Review, "Don't Get it! Teen-agers and AIDS"   Science Books & Film  27, 8, November.

1990 Film Review, "Sweet Sorrow" Science Books & Film  26, 2,  November/December.

1990 Film Review, "Real People: Meet a teen-age Drug Addict"   Science Books & Film  25, 5, May/June.

1989 Film Review, "Kids in Crisis"  Science Books & Films 24, 5, May/June.

1988 Film Review, "Saying No to Drinking Drivers"  Science Books & Films 23, 4, Mar/April.

1988 Film Review, "Me, Myself....and Drugs"  Science Books & Films 23, 4, March/April.

1987 Film Review, "All the Kids Do It" Science Books & Films 22, 5, May/June.

1984 Pamphlet, "Conflict, Cultural Ambiguity and Alcohol: Dispassionate Review," Kingsley  H. Birge Memorial Lecture Series, Colby College.

1983 Mimeo, "Think as You Drink: A Basic Approach to Understanding Alcohol,"  27pp, Dean of Students Office, Lehigh University.

1982 Article, "Portrait or Parody: An Undergraduate Sociology Class -- A Morality or Immorality Play?"  Teaching Sociology  Vol 9, #4, July.

1982 Mimeo, "Alcohol and Lehigh: A Working Paper"  for the Alcohol Education Committee"  (with K. Hicks), 18pp, Dean of Students Office, Lehigh University.

1981 Article, "Watching for Boomerangs: A Review Essay." Teaching Sociology  8, 2, January.

1981 Mimeo, "Tension in Nursing: An Attitude Survey." St. Luke's Hospital Nursing Dept.

1980 Book Review, "American Delinquency, Its Meaning and Construction," L. Empey. Teaching Sociology  8, 1 October.

1979 Chapter, "ESEA Title I and Students From Low-Income Families in Northampton County," In, Life-Conditions of the Poor in the Lehigh Valley. CAC of the Lehigh Valley.

1976 Chapter, "The First Introductory Textbook: A Review Essay." In, Proceedings of the First Albion Small Symposium. Editor, F. Geib. Colby College.

1974 Chapter, "Alienation and Juvenile Delinquency: An Overworked Concept." In, Philosophers Speak on Alienation and Education. Editor, R. Leight. The Interstate Printers and Publishers, Inc.

1973 Chapter, "The Urban Fringe: Social Life, Social Change and the Urban Voyeur." In, Cities in Change. Editors, D. Carns and J. Walton. Allyn & Bacon.

1972 Report, "A Sociological Perspective on the Master Plan for the DWGNRA." Master Plan Analysis of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, pp. 61-84, National Park Service.

1970 Report, "Life Styles and attitudes Just Beyond the Urban Fringe." Tocks Island Regional Advisory Council, HUD Project #NJ P-126.

Editorial Service

1975-1982  Associate Editor, Teaching Sociology

Occasional Reviewer - Journals: Social Problems, Contemporary Sociology, Social Deviance, Teaching Sociology
Books: Dorsey Press, Pine Forge Press, McGraw-Hill, Allyn & Bacon, St Martins

Professional Activities

2000 Presider & Discussant: "Deviant Behavior Session." Eastern Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Baltimore, Md.

1999 Colloquium: "Thongs, Status Politics & College Drinking." Department Colloquium Series, March 24.

1998  Featured Speaker: University of Pennsylvania "student drinking" workshop, Oct. 29.

1997  Participant: "Alcohol and Drug Use in America." College of Physicians of Philadelphia, May 12 .

1997 Colloquium: "Lockdown." Department Colloquium Series, Dec. 3.

1996 Lecture: "College Students & Alcohol." Lehigh University Alumni College, June 15.

1995 Colloquium: "Problems with Prison Research." Department Colloquium Series, Oct 25.

1994 Colloquium: "Lehigh Literacy Corps: Who Benefits Most?"  Department Colloquium Series,  Dec. 12.

1994 Colloquium: "Alcohol and the College Student."  Health Center Staff,  Lehigh, March 17.

1993 Lecture: "Trouble Shooting in the Classroom"  Graduate Student Orientation, Lehigh University, Aug 26.

1992 Colloquium: "A Look at Alcohol Legends." Department Colloquium Series, Oct 21.

1992 Lecture: "Deviance and Poverty." Urban Realities Conference, Lehigh County Council of Churches.

1991 Colloquium: "The Gin Craze in London: What Can We Learn From It?" Department Colloquium Series.

1991 Presentation: "Intervention - What it is and How it Could Work at Lehigh." Community Action Committee, Nov 14.

1991 Lecture: "Cross Cultural Uses of Alcohol." Alcohol Awareness Week, Lehigh University, Oct 23.

1991 Lecture: "Drunken Comportment: Learned Behavior?" Office of Drug and Alcohol, Lehigh University.

1990 Lecture: "The Dawn of a new Decade - Forecasts for the Future." Lehigh University, Alumni College.

1990 Lecture: "Sots and Tosspots: College Drinking, Learned Behavior?" Lehigh Alumni Association's  Breakfast Lecture Series.

1989 Lecture: "The War On Drugs: Past, Present and Future." Great Decisions Program, Bethlehem YWCA.

1987 Lecture: "The High Cost of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace." Conference: Drugs of Abuse in the Workplace: The Law, The Science, The Situation. Lehigh University.

1984  Lecture: "Conflict, Cultural Ambiguity and Alcohol: A Dispassionate Review." Kingsley H. Birge Memorial Lecture Series.

1983 Keynote Address: "Campus Sots and Tosspots: Normative Behavior?" Susquehanna Undergraduate Research Conference.

1977 Panelist: "Dysfunctional Social Factors in Conducting Action Research About Poverty." Pennsylvania Sociological Society, University Park, Pa.

1977 Paper: "The Academic Academic: Strategies for Survival." Massachusetts Sociological Spring Meeting, Mount Holyoke, Ma.

1977 Invited Paper: "Clients and Customers: The Academic Marketplace." Eastern Sociological Society  Annual Meeting, New York, NY.

1973 Chair: Contributed Paper Session. Pennsylvania Sociological Society, University Park, Pa.

1969 Discussant: "Sociology of Poverty Session." Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, New York, N.Y.


I serve as an advisor to majors as always. Over the years I have served many times as an advisor to non-majors and transfer students.

Coordinator of the College of Arts and Sciences 1 non-major advising program (1983 -1989).

I have served on numerous committees at departmental, college and university levels, often more than once:  College Policy Committee*, Promotion and Tenure Committee*, Nominations Committee*, University Athletic Committee, Lehigh University Forum, College Course Committee, Women's Commission, and many ad hoc and search committees. (* chair)

In addition, I have served the community in a variety of capacities such as The Northampton County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Family Counseling Service - chairing each of these for two terms.

Professional Affiliations

American Sociological Association

Eastern Sociological Association

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