Sheltering Hut

   Sheltering Hut is an Interactive Sculpture/Installation.  It was shown as part of a larger show entitled, Sheltered, held a Lafayette College, Easton, PA. The voice statements, triggered by people walking in the environment, comment and ask questions about the nature of shelters.

Technically, this work is based on the same general system that I have used in other interactive artworks. It makes use of programs, written by me in Basic, with assembly language subroutines. They are run under DOS since a windows environment is unnecessary. All of the equipment, wiring, and sensors are hidden from view.

In Sheltering Hut there is one computer based system with one movement sensors located inside the front doorway, close to the ceiling of the hut.  Please see the photograph below. The sensor is connected to an analogue-to-digital converter as the input to a computer. The program responds to changes in the sensors to which it is connected, by switching to various subroutines. These subroutines send MIDI signals through the MIDI port, to a sampler. The output of amplified and sent to the speaker to which the system is connected.