Information for Math 81 Calculus with Business Applications at lehigh University

Why should a business student take calcuslu? Some motivation

Syllabus for Fall 2011. For fall 2012 there may be some changes in grading scheme and topic order but things will be similar.

Information about about a previous calculus preparation program for business students (fall 2009): CCP program and sample diagnostic quizzes.
These links include an online diagnostic of precalculus materials as well as multiple sample quizzes covering the same material. Mastery of such material
is importnat for success in Math 81.

Lecture notes for the first few days which review precalculus material:

Lecture 01 Functions
Lecture 02 Algebra
Lecture 03 Lines and quadratics
Lecture 04 Exponentials and logarithms
Lecture 05 Trigonometric functions

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