Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory
Dept. Earth & Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University
Lehigh University Finnigan MAT 252    
Above: Finnigan MAT 252 at Lehigh University. Peripherals include a Gas Bench II and
various high-vacuum extraction lines, including an IR laser fluorination system and an
extraction line used for analyses of extremely small samples of N2.

Present Research Group Members

Gray E. Bebout [Professor;; web page]
Bruce D. Idleman [Senior Research Scientist;]

Gabe Epstein [Ph.D. Student]
Kaylee Kraft [M.S. Student]
Matthew Nikitczuk [Ph.D. Student]

Recent Research Laboratory Collaborators

Neil Banerjee [Western University, Ontario]
James Brenan [Dalhousie University]

Ian Buick [Stellenbosch University]
Roberto Braga and Bibiana Forster [University of Bologna]
Charles Geiger [University of Salzburg]

Linda Godfrey [Rutgers University]
Ralf Halama [Keele University, UK]
Dave Hilton and Brian House [University of California, San Diego/SOI]

Matt Izawa [Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University, Misasa, Japan]
Marco Scambelluri and Enrico Cannao [University of Genova]
Elizabeth Webb [Western University, Ontario]

Zicheng Yu [Lehigh University]

Graduate Student Group Members from Recent Past (since 2000)

Seth Sadofsky [Ph.D. Student, Remedial Action Specialist, State of Oregon]
Carolyn Brown [M.S. Student, High School Science Teacher, Syracuse City School District]
Long Li [Ph.D. Student, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair, University of Alberta]
Robbie King [Ph.D. Student, recently adjunct professor at North Carolina State University]

Andrew Gonyo [M.S. Student, co-advisor Z. Yu, Proposal Development Analyst, DynCorp Int'l]
Annie Palya [M.S. Student, teaching at Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida]
Lauren Anderson [M.S. Student, Program Assistant, Girls on the Run of Puget Sound, Seattle]

Kristin Lazzeri [M.S. Student
, now working at EA Engineering, Science, and Technology]
Nathan Collins [Ph.D. student, now in Florida]
Jennie Cook-Kollars [M.S. Student, now working in environmental consulting]
Katie Jaeckel [M.S. Student, now working in environmental consulting]


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