Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Gray E. Bebout
Professor, Lehigh University

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  GBebout photo April 2013

Office Phone: 1-610-758-5831; Laboratory Phone: 1-610-758-6168; FAX: 1-610-758-3677
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
1 West Packer Avenue, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015, USA



B.S. (Geology; 9/81)  University of Texas at Austin

M.A. (Geology; 9/84) University of Texas at Austin

Fluid Evolution and Transport during Metamorphism: Evidence from the Llano Uplift, Texas

Ph.D. (Geology; 9/89) University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Geological and Geochemical Investigations of Fluid Flow and Mass Transfer during Subduction-Zone Metamorphism


2017 - present, Specially Appointed Professor, Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University, Misasa, Tottori, Japan
2003 - present,
Professor, Lehigh University, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
2013/2014 - Visiting Research Scientist, Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Okayama University, Misasa, Tottori, Japan
2011/2012 - Visiting Professor, Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Okayama University, Misasa, Tottori, Japan
2006 - COE21 Visiting Foreign Professor, Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Okayama University, Misasa, Tottori, Japan
2000 - Center of Excellence Visiting Foreign Professor at Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Misasa, Tottori, Japan
1992 - 2003 Assistant and Associate Professor, Lehigh University, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
1989 - 1991 Postdoctoral Fellow, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Recent Publications:

Anderson, L. D., Bebout, G. E., Izawa, M. R. M., Bridge, N. J., and Banerjee, N. R., 2017, Chemical alteration and preservation of sedimentary/organic nitrogen isotopic signatures in a 2.7 Ga seafloor volcanic sequence, International Journal of Astrobiology,
Bebout, G. E., Banerjee, N. R., Izawa, M. R. M., Kobayashi, K., Lazzeri, K., Ranieri, L., and Nakamura, E., 2017, Nitrogen concentrations and isotopic compositions of seafloor-altered terrestrial basaltic glass: Implications for astrobiology, Astrobiology, v. 18, no. 4, DOI: 10.1089/ast.2017.1708.
Bebout, G. E., Scholl, D. W., Stern, R. J., Wallace, L. M., and Agard, P., 2017, Twenty years of subduction zone science: Subduction Top to Bottom 2 (ST2B-2), GSA Today, v. 28, doi: 10.1130/GSATG354A.1.
Angiboust, S., Yamato, P., Hertgen, S., Hyppolito, T., Bebout, G. E., and Morales, L., 2016, Fluid pathways and high pressure metasomatism in a subducted continental slice (Mt. Emilius klippe, W. Alps), Journal of Metamorphic Geology, DOI: 10.1111/jmg.12241.
Lazzeri, K. E., Bebout, G. E., and Geiger, C.A.
, 2016, Nitrogen and carbon concentrations and isotopic compositions of the silica clathrate melanophlogite, American Mineralogist,
Sievers, N. E., Tenore, J., Bebout, G. E., and Penniston-Dorland, S. C., 2016, Fingerprints of forearc element mobility in blueschist-facies metaconglomerates, Catalina Schist, California, International Geology Reviews.
Halama, R., Bebout, G. E., John, T., and Marschall, H., 2016, Fluid-induced breakdown of white mica controls nitrogen transfer during fluid-rock interaction in subduction zones, International Geology Reviews.
Bebout, G. E., 2016, Caesium: Element and Geochemistry, invited chapter for Encyclopedia of Geochemistry, Earth Science Series, Springer.
Scambelluri, M., Bebout, G. E., Belmonte, D., Gilio, M., Campomenosi, N., Collins, N. C., and Crispini, L., 2016, Carbonation of subduction-zone serpentinite (high-pressure ophicarbonate; Ligurian Western Alps) and implications for the deep carbon cycling. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2016.02.034.
Bebout, G. E., and Penniston-Dorland, S. C., 2015, Fluid and mass transfer at subduction interfaces—The field metamorphic record (Invited Review Article), Lithos, DOI: 10.1016/j.lithos.2015.10.007.
Collins, N. C., Bebout, G. E., Angiboust, S., Agard, P., Scambelluri, M., Crispini, L., and John, T., 2015,
Subduction zone metamorphic pathway for deep carbon cycling: II. Evidence  from HP/UHP metabasaltic rocks and ophicarbonates. Chemical Geology, DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2015.06.012.
Bebout, G. E., Lazzeri, K. E., and Geiger, C. A., 2015, Pathways for nitrogen cycling in Earth's crust and upper mantle: A review and new results for microporous beryl and cordierite (Invited Centennial Article), American Mineralogist, DOI: 10.2138/am-2015-5363.
Cook-Kollars, J., Bebout, G. E., Collins, N. C., Angiboust, S., and Agard, P., 2014, Subduction zone metamorphic pathway for deep carbon cycling: I. Evidence from HP/UHP metasedimentary rocks, Italian Alps, Chemical Geology, DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2014.07.013.
Penniston-Dorland, S., Gorman, J. K., Bebout, G. E., Piccoli, P. M., and Walker, R. J., 2014, Reaction rind formation in the Catalina Schist: Deciphering a history of mechanical mixing and metasomatic alteration, Chemical Geology, DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2014.06.024.
Bebout, G. E., Fogel, M. L., and Cartigny, P., 2013
Nitrogen: Highly volatile yet surprisingly compatible, for special issue of ELEMENTS (Nitrogen and its (BioGeoCosmo)Chemical Cycling, editors Bebout, G. E., Fogel, M. L., and Cartigny, P.), DOI: 10.2113/gselements.9.5.333.
Busigny, V., and Bebout, G. E., 2013, Nitrogen in the silicate Earth: Speciation and isotopic behavior during fluid-mineral interactions, for special issue of ELEMENTS (Nitrogen and its (BioGeoCosmo)Chemical Cycling, editors Bebout, G. E., Fogel, M. L., and Cartigny, P.), DOI: 10.2113/gselements.9.5.353.
Godfrey, L. V., Poulton, S. M., Bebout G. E., and Fralick, P. W., 2013, Stability of the nitrogen cycle during development of sulfidic water in the redox-stratified late Paleoproterozoic Ocean, Geology, v. 41, 655-658 DOI: 10.1130/G33930.1.
Bebout, G. E., Agard, P., Kobayashi, K., Moriguti, T., and Nakamura, E., 2013, Devolatilization and trace element mobility in deeply subducted sedimentary rocks: Evidence from Western Alps HP/UHP suites, Chemical Geology, v. 342, 1-20, DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2013.01.009.
Bebout, G. E., 2013, (Invited) 4.20. Chemical and Isotopic Cycling in Subduction Zones, in Rudnick, R. L., ed., The Crust, Treatise on Geochemistry (eds. H. D. Holland and K. K. Turekian, Second Edition), Elsevier-Pergamon, Oxford., pp. 703-747.
Zelanko, P., Yu, Z., Bebout, G. E., and Kauffman, A. J., 2012, Multiple early Holocene climate oscillations at Silver Lake, New Jersey and their possible linkage with outburst floods, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, DOI:10.1016/j.palaeo.2012.06.028.
Halama R., Bebout, G. E., John, T., and Scambelluri, M., 2012, Nitrogen recycling in subducted mantle rocks and implications for the global nitrogen cycle, International Journal of Earth Sciences (Geologische Rundschau), DOI: 10.1007/s00531-012-0782-3.
John, T., Gussone, N., Podladchikov, Y. Y., Bebout, G. E., Dohmen, R., Halama, R., Klemd, R., Magna, T., and Seitz, H.-M., 2012, Volcanic arcs fed by rapid pulsed fuid flow through subducting slabs, Nature Geoscience, DOI: 10.1038/NGEO1482.
Gonyo, A., Yu, Z, and Bebout, G. E., 2012
, Late Holocene change in climate and atmospheric circulation inferred from geochemical records at Kepler Lake, south-central Alaska, Journal of Paleolimnology, v. 48, 55-67, DOI: 10.1007/s10933-012-9603-8.
Evans, M. A., Bebout, G. E., and Brown, C. H., 2012, Changing fluid conditions during folding: An example from the central Appalachians, Tectonophysics, DOI: 10.1016/j.tecto.2012.03.002.
Bebout, G. E., 2012, (Invited) Ch. 9. Metasomatism in subduction zones of oceanic slabs, mantle wedges, and the slab-mantle interface, in D. Harlov, and H. Austrheim, editors, Metasomatism and Metamorphism: The Role of Fluids in Crustal and Upper Mantle Processes, Springer, Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, ISBN: 978-3-642-28393-2.

Some Other Recent Activities:

2017 Co-convener (with Dave Scholl, Bob Stern, and Philippe Agard) of session at Fall AGU meeting in New Orleans, December 11-15, 2017 ("Subduction Top to Bottom 2, with a Caribbean Flavor")

2017 Co-convener (with Dave Scholl, Bob Stern, Anne Trehu, Joan Gomberg, and Thomas W. Sisson) of session at Annual GSA meeting in Seattle Washington, October 22-25, 2017 ("Subduction Top to Bottom 2 (ST2B-2), Cascadia and Beyond")

2016 Co-convener (with Dave Scholl, Bob Stern, Laura Wallace, and Philippe Agard) of session at Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco Dec. 12-16, 2016 ("Subduction Top to Bottom 2")

2015  Lead editor for "Subduction Top to Bottom 2" (ST2B-2; with co-editors Dave Scholl, Bob Stern, Laura Wallace, and Philippe Agard), an all-electronic publication (to be published in GEOSPHERE; accepting manuscripts during all of 2016 to 2018). This project is a followup to the 1996 AGU Geophysical Monograph v. 96 (see below; "Subduction Top to Bottom")

ST2B-2 publication opportunity

2013  Co-convener (with Marilyn Fogel and Pierre Cartigny) of Union Session at Goldschmidt Conference, August, 2013 ("Frontiers in Nitrogen (BioGeoCosmo)Chemistry")
2012 - 2013  Co-editor of special issue of ELEMENTS (Geochemical Society publication) on "Nitrogen and its (BioGeoCosmo)Chemical Cycling" (co-editors Marilyn Fogel and Pierre Cartigny; issue was published in October, 2013)

cover of ELEMENTS v9., n.5

2011  Union Session Co-chair, Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco ("Physical and Chemical State of Subducting Slabs and the Slab-Mantle Interface: Forearc, Subarc, and Beyond"; with Sarah Penniston-Dorland, Geoff Abers, and Philippe Agard)
2010 - present  Member of Scientific Committee, International Lithosphere Program, Task Force IX: Deep Into the Subduction Channel (DISC), Project Leaders P. Agard, A. Okay, B. Hacker, and T. Gerya (and participation in Workshop 2011, W. Alps, held in Sampeyre, Italy, summer, 2011)

Session Co-chair, Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco ("Metamorphic Perspectives of Subduction Zone Evolution"; with Brad Hacker and Horst Marschall)
2009  Invited lecturer/instructor at EURISPET (European Intensive Seminars of Petrology), Granada, Spain, "High-Pressure Metamorphism and Subduction Zones")
2008  Session Co-chair, Fall AGU Meeting, San Francisco ("Subduction Zone Metamorphism: Fluid-Rock Interaction in Space and Time"; with Maureen Feineman, Jay Ague, and Ivan Savov)

2008  Session Co-chair, 2008 Goldschmidt Conference, Vancouver, Canada ("Isotopic Biogeochemical Tracers into the Ancient Rock Record"; with Pierre Cartigny and James Farquhar)
2007  Invited participation in ExxonMobil Symposium on Non-Hydrocarbon Gases (Houston, Texas, March, 2007; "Transfer of Organic Nitrogen through Diagenesis and Low- to High-Grade Metamorphism (and Beyond): An Isotopic Perspective")
2005 - 2009  Associate Editor, Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geosystems (G-cubed)
2005 - 2006  Session Co-chair, 2006 Goldschmidt Conference, Melbourne, Australia (subduction-zone metamorphic geochemistry; with Richard Arculus)
2005 - present Associate Editor, Lithos
2002 -  2013
Member of
Books Board, American Geophysical Union
1999 - present  Co-editor (with T. Elliott) of subduction-zone-flux sections of GERM (Geochemical Earth Reference Model)
1996 - 2006  Associate Editor, American Mineralogist
2001 - 2005  Co-convener of special session, "Trench to Subarc: Diagenetic and Metamorphic Mass Flux in Subduction Zones" (co-sponsored by GERM and MARGINS Subduction Factory) at the Fall AGU meeting, 2001, and guest editor of "theme" on this topic in Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geosystems (G-cubed, theme completed December, 2004)
2002 - 2004  Involvement as shorebased scientist in ODP Leg 205 (drilling off of Costa Rica in 2002; conducting C- and N-isotope analyses of seafloor sediment)
2002 - 2004  Member of Scientific Program Committee, Organizing Committee for the Water-Rock Interaction Conference, Saratoga Springs, June, 2004 (co-convener of two special sessions)
2002 - 2003  Co-convener of special session, "HP to UHP Metamorphic Mass Transfer and Chemical Cycling in Convergent Margins" (co-sponsored by GERM and MARGINS Subduction Factory), for the Goldschmidt Conference in Kurashiki, Japan, September, 2003
1999 - 2002  Involvement as shorebased scientist in ("Crustal Recycling in the Izu-Marianas Margin"; conducting C- and N-isotope analyses of seafloor sediment and altered oceanic crust)
1995 - 1996
Chief Editor "Subduction Top to Bottom", AGU Geophysical Monograph, v. 96 (volume highlighting multidisciplinary study of convergent margins; co-editors Dave Scholl, Steve Kirby, and John Platt). Work is underway on a follow-up to this book, to be published on the twentieth anniversary of GM96.


Some Recent (active) Collaborators:

Philippe Agard - Universite PM Curie, France
Samuel Angiboust - IPGP, Paris
Neil Banerjee - Western University, Ontario
Jaime Barnes - University of Texas, Austin
Roberto Braga and Bibiana Forster - University of Bologna, Italy
James Brenan - Dalhousie University, Halifax

Bill Carlson - University of Texas, Austin
Laura Crispini - University of Genova, Italy
Bethany Ehlmann - Caltech
Mark Evans - Central Connecticut State University
Charles Geiger - Universität Salzburg
Linda Godfrey - Rutgers University
Marty Grove - Stanford University
Ralf Halama -
Keele University, UK
David Hilton - University of California, San Diego

Matt Izawa - Institute for Planetary Materials, Misasa, Japan
Timm John -
Freie Universität Berlin
Lee Kump - Pennsylvania State University
Katsura Kobayashi - IPM, Misasa, Japan
Takuya Kunihiro
- IPM, Misasa, Japan
Horst Marschall - University of Bristol, now at WHOI
Jack Mustard - Brown University

Eizo Nakamura - IPM, Misasa, Japan
Tsutomu Ota
- IPM, Misasa, Japan
Sarah Penniston-Dorland - University of Maryland
Terry Plank - Columbia University
Marco Scambelluri and Enrico Cannao - University of Genova, Italy
Jane Selverstone - University of New Mexico
Elizabeth Webb - Western University, Ontario
Ken Williford, JPL
Zicheng Yu - Lehigh University


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