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Leonid Vlasenko

Visiting Scientists:

Leonid Vlasenko
(Jan 2000 - Jan 2001)

(Jan 2003 - present)

Leonid Vlasenko
Leonid holds permanent positions as Leading Scientist of the Solid State Physics Division at the A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and as Professor of Physics at the St.-Petersburg State Technical University. He received his first PhD (Candidate thesis) in 1978 and second degree (Doctoral thesis) in 1986. At these institutions, his main scientific interest has been the study of point defects in silicon, using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) to probe their spin dependent recombination processes. At Lehigh, he is currently using Optically Detected EPR via Photoluminescence (PL-ODEPR) to probe the electronic structure of the defects produced by in-situ 4.2 K electron irradiation in GaN and ZnO.

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