George D. Watkins

Sherman Fairchild Professor of Physics, Emeritus

G.D. Watkins

Professor Watkins (Ph.D. Harvard, 1952) joined Lehigh in 1975, after a 23-year career as Research Scientist at G.E. Research Laboratories. He is the recipient of several awards and honors and is the author of 243 publications in scientific journals and books.

Professor Watkins' expertise covers the area of Defects in Semiconductors. He has a particular interest in defects detectable by Magnetic Resonance Techniques. He continues to lead an active research group in experimental physics at Lehigh University.


1943: B.S., Physics, Randolph-Macon College
1947: M.S., Physics, Harvard University
1952: Ph.D. Physics, Harvard University


1952-75: Research Scientist, G.E. Research Laboratory

  • 62-65
  • : Adjunct Professor, R.P.I.
  • 66-67
  • : NSF Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, Clarendon Lab, Oxford Univ.
  • 69-73
  • : Adjunct Professor, SUNY Albany
1975-96: Sherman Fairchild Professor of Physics, Lehigh
  • 83-84
  • : Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Max Plank Institute fur Festkorperforschung (Stuttgart), University of Stuttgart, and University of Paderborn
  • 90-91
  • : Visiting Professor, Lund University, King's College London, and Fraunhofer Institute (Freiburg).
1996-present: Sherman Fairchild Professor of Physics, Emeritus

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