Walking through this park-like area, the memorial appears as a rift in the earth . . . . we can barely make out the carved names upon the memorial walls. These names, seemingly infinite in number, convey the sense of overwhelming numbers, while unifying those individuals into a whole. For this memorial is meant not as a memorial to the individual, but rather as a memorial to the men and women who died during the war, as a whole.
Maya Ying Lin
March 1981

-- Round Two: Choosing the Design --

July 1980 to June 1981

Round Two moves from President Carter's approval of the location legislation in July 1980 through the process of articulating goals for a memorial that summer, to announcing a design competition on November 11, 1980, to the end of the competition March 31, 1981, and to the selection of Maya Lin as the winner on May 1, 1981.


August:  Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund moves to a larger office.

Aug 10:  "Cold Stone Man," by Lewis W. Bruchey, Washington Post, 08/10/80, C4  (Lexis-Nexis)

Aug 19:  "Reagan Calls Arms Race Essential To Avoid a 'Surrender' or 'Defeat,'" by Howell Raines, 
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Sep 02:  "Vietnam Veteran Grateful to Reagan," by Tom Carhart, New York Times, 09/02/80, A22
              (Course Documents)  (New York Times)

Sep ??:  Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund rejects sculptor Hart's design and decides on 
              a competition.

Oct 12:  "Soldier's Home," by Gregory D. Foster, New York Times, 10/12/80, D21  (New York Times)

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Nov 11:  "Design Competition For Vietnam Memorial," by Paul Richard, Washington Post
               11/11/80: B7  (Lexis-Nexis)

The competition is announced: see design prospectus  (all in Course Documents)
-- Vietnam Veterans Memorial Design Competition (entry form)
-- Design Competition Advisor and Jury Biographies
-- Design Competition: Judging Criteria
Dec **:  "Coming to Terms with Vietnam," by Peter Marin, Harpers, December 1980, 41-56

Dec **:  "A Veteran Writes," by Fred Reed, Harpers, December 1980, 44


Jan 21:  Iran hostages freed 

Feb ??:  Jan Scruggs goes fulltime working for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

Feb 01:  "Vietnam Veterans Parade in Shadow of 52 Hostages," by Iver Peterson,
               New York Times, 02/01/81, A22  (New York Times)

Feb 12:  "An Unpopular War, A Lasting Memorial; A Memorial to Those Who Died in Vietnam," 
              by Paul Hodge, Washington Post, 02/12/81: DC1  (Lexis-Nexis)

Mar 31:  competition deadline

Apr 21:  H. Ross Perot agrees to fund the $160,000 for the competition and states that he 
             does not want to see a "flower power" memorial.

Apr 26:  National Day of Recognition for Veterans of the Vietnam Era  (CBS commentary??)

Apr 27:  "A Tardy Tribute to the Veterans of a Divisive War," by Mike Seger, Washington Post
              04/27/81: C3  (Lexis-Nexis)

Apr 27:  Judging entries begins through May 1.

May 01:  Winner is chosen: Maya Lin.

May 04:  Scruggs informs Perot of the winning design and gets a negative reaction.

May 04:  Letter from Spreiregen answering questions about having a veteran on the jury.  (Course 

May 06:  News conference announcing winner (see references p. 69 in Healing)

"Student Wins War Memorial Contest," New York Times, 05/07/81: A20  (New York Times)

"Epitaph for Vietnam; Monument to the Forgotten; Memorial Design Is Selected," by Henry Allen, Washington Post, 05/07/81: F1  (Lexis-Nexis)

Maya Lin's Boundaries essay  (Course Documents)

"Design Competition: Winning Designer's Statement," Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund  (Course Documents)

Jun 15:  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial: A Description of the Design Concept, by the 
              Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund  (Course Documents)