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Michael Yellin, assistant editor
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SiteScene Reviewers

Judith A. Adams-Volpe
My interests are in the history of technology in American culture; amusement parks and leisure time; urban development and architectural design; seashore resort history; the circus in America; and pulp/popular fiction.
Lockwood Library, University of Buffalo
Tom Bierowski 
 Dept of English, Lehigh University
Anthony C. Bleach
Main subject areas:  popular culture & media cultures; gender, sexuality, and the body
What floats my academic boat?  Film and popular culture, composition & rhetoric, and contemporary american literature.  I also dig indiepop and vegetarian food.  Send me photos of robots.
Dept. of  English, Lehigh University

Joanna Brooks
Main subject areas:  Literature and text studies; Race, ethnicity, and identity; Religion and religious cultural studies
My research centers around early American literature, culture, religion, and intellectual history, with emphases on early African American and Native American writers.   Other interests include Quakerism, Freemasonry, early
American esoterica and mysticism.
Dept of English, U of Texas at Austin

Harry J. Brown
Main subject areas:  American Studies; Frontier and Borderlands Studies; Diaspora, Colonialism and Postcolonialism; Nationalism and Postnationalism; Literature and Text Studies; Folkore and Anthropological Studies
My main professional interest is early American lit, though I do have a fairly substantial background, both from teaching and from my minor field exam, in "pop culture" and "cultural studies."
Dept. of English, Lehigh University

Lauren Brown
My work interests center around U.S. History & historical editing, museums (current and institutional histories), and art information sites.  My personal research and interests include the performing arts (particularly dance - LOC's American Memory has a very interesting collection - An American Ballroom Companion, Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. 1490-1920  ) and mass media & consumer culture.
Editorial assistant for the Charles Willson Peale Family Papers project
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

Craig Coenen
Dept. of History, Lehigh University

Tracey A. Cummings
My areas of interest are primarily 19th and 20th century American literature and history. I'm also interested in feminist studies.
Dept. of English, Lehigh University

Susan E. Cushman
Main subject areas: American literature, Multicultural literature, Women’s and Gender Studies; Feminist Theory; Postmodernism; Romantic poetry and prose.
I enjoy reading, writing, and teaching in the fields above, and I favor an interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching which requires study of one or more of these fields at the same time.  My dissertation-in-progress, “The Politics of Storytelling,” focuses on postmodern literary strategies in ethnic autobiography that facilitate cultural and feminist critique.  I look forward to reviewing sites in American Studies; Race, Class and Gender Studies; Border Studies; and Postmodernism.
Dept. of English, Lehigh University

John Dockall
I received both my M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from Texas A&M University.  My specializations include Hawaiian and Pacific archaeology, North American archaeology, lithic technology, microscopic use-wear
analysis and stone tool replication and experimentation.  I have participated in fieldwork in Jordan, Belize, Texas, New Mexico, and Hawaii.  Other interests include military history, running, mountain biking, and caving.
Associate Anthropologist, Bernice P. Bishop Museum
1525 Bernice St.
Honolulu, HI 96817-2704

Jeff Finlay
Former member of the Crossroads staff, Founding Father of SiteScene, now administrating at Center for the Virtual University, University of Maryland University College
Edward J. Gallagher
Prof of English, specialty in the Early American period, but have taught the whole range, especially lately courses in multiculturalism and in film (the Western, Oliver Stone).
Dept. of English, Lehigh University

Susana L. Gallardo
I'm currently teaching in Religious Studies at Occidental College, and I'm definitely interested in reviewing sites for Site Scene in American Religions, Feminist Studies, and/or Ethnic Studies (particularly Chicana/o and Latina/o studies). I'm the founder/keeper of the Chicana Feminisms Website at http://chicanas.com (previously reviewed by SiteScene) and I'm also on leave til May 99 from my job with Stanford's Learning Lab, working on issues of integrating technology into humanities education.
Religious Studies, Stanford University.

Chris Hale
I am currently an English literature graduate student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. My interests run the gamut from Medieval literature and religious studies to 19th century American literature, and I hope to focus my thesis on the sermon in America and its manifestation in literature. I also have a neglected interest in aviation that I hope to revive.
Dept. of English, University of Central Florida

Miriam Hardin
Main subject areas:  American Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and the Body; History and Historical Culture Studies; Literature and Text Studies; Music and Performance; Popular Culture and Media Cultures; Visual Culture
I'd be interested in sites dealing with Pynchon, Vonnegut, T.C. Boyle, current drama, film, TV.
Dept. of English, Lehigh University

Jennifer Harrison
I'm pursuing my graduate degree in history, specifically nineteenth-century American social history. My interests also include Victorian literature, women's history, the history of education, archaeology, etc. As for possible sites to review, I believe the "Victorian Web" website has not yet been reviewed, but I'm open to any of your suggestions.
History Department, North Carolina Wesleyan College

Kathleen Hunzer
Main subject areas:  Popular and Media Culture
My main reviewing interest is Popular Culture and Film, especially sites on television shows and history, anything about the 1980s, candy and the Hershey empire, Children's Literature--any type and period, Disney--any aspect, music from the 1950s through to today, talk shows, and commercials/advertisements.  I also have interests in Composition and Rhetoric, American Literature, and Feminist studies, but in general I tend to review sites that peak my interest and provide me with useful information for use in my classes and my writing.
Dept. of  English, Lehigh University

Elvira Jensen Casado
My main interest is theater, Afro-American theater as I have written my Ph.D. on August Wilson but I am also interested in other minority literature.
Dept. of English, University of Salamanca, Spain

Maria Karafilis
19th-century American Lit, American women writers, representations of citizenship and democratic
political participation.
Dept. of English, California State University, Los Angeles

Tamara Kendig
American Literature
Dept. of English, West Virginia Wesleyan University

Emma Lambert
Main subject areas:  History and Historical Cultural Studies; Popular Culture and Media Cultures;
Race, Ethnicity and Identity; American Studies; Material Culture; Visual Culture
I am currently completing my doctoral thesis on Time Inc. and the Cultutral Cold War under Eisenhower, and am also a teaching assistant at the University of Birminaghm, UK. My teaching areas are twentieth century American history, and African American history since slavery. I am also a founding editor of 49th Parallel, an interdisciplinary e-journal of North American Studies, online at http://artsweb.bham.ac.uk/49thparallel.
Teaching assistant at the University of Birmingham (England)

Kristin Mapel-Bloomberg
I mainly study American women's Modernism, and specialize in American lit from 1865 -1945, also the Harlem Renaissance and black women's lit of that time. I'm especially interested in issues of the "occult" that arose around the post-civil war, and post Great War eras that were experimented with in the fictions of those times.
Fort Hays State University

Julie McGee
I would be happy to review sites on African American art, I have also been working recently with modern/contemporary arts from Africa. I too teach a whole spectrum of courses, but in the interest of time and my own expertise and interest, it is best for me to stick with the Black  diaspora arts.
Dept. of Art, Bowdoin College

Greg Moses
My main research interest is Martin Luther King, Jr., and the philosophy of nonviolence.  I teach Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Pragmatism, and Black Philosophy.  I am interested in cultural studies & am an organizer for service learning and prison education.
Philosophy Dept., Marist College

Samuel C. Pearson
My field of specialization is the history of religion in America though I have also taught all periods of Western religious history and some introductory courses in Asian religions. I would be interested in sites related to these and closely-related fields.  Currently on Fulbright in China.
Fulbright Professor of American History
Nanjing University, PRC (2000-01) and
Professor Emeritus of Historical Studies
Dean Emeritus of School of Social Sciences
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
e-mail: pearsons@public1.ptt.js.cn or spearso@siue.edu
website http://www.siue.edu/~spearso
tel: 86-25-359-3111, ext. 3105

Ian Peddie
My research is currently concerned with class expression in American literature and culture in the twentieth century, especially during the difficult years of the early cold war.  Other interests include the implications of social class as a lived phenomena, poverty, socialist movements, modern Britain, and popular social protest music.
Dept. of English, University of Rochester

Geoff Pitcher
While my main research and teaching interests lie in nineteenth century American fiction, and increasingly in African American fiction, I wear a variety of pedagogical hats including: intro to American civilization (read history here), translation, and comprehension and expression.
Dept. of English, Université de Poitiers.

Kathy Purnell
My research interests are numerous and include : American Political Thought, General Political Philosophy, the social construction of race, gender, sexuality and national identities, the politics of equal recognition in America (broadly conceived).
Ph.D. (Cornell University, 1999)
Political Science Department, Albion College

Melinda M. Schwenk
My areas are film, propaganda, politics, race, magazines, visual media of any sort.
Ph.D. Candidate, Annenberg School for Communication

Keiyana Scott
African American women writers.

Gregory Singleton
My area of greatest interest is the study of religion and American culture broadly conceived.
Dept. of History, Northeastern Illinois University

Kevin Smokler
Specialties are film, popular music, 20th century popular culture and crime.
U Texas

Bruce Spear
I'll be interested in doing some more reviewing in a few weeks. My interests are in higher education, www sites with lots of content for the study of American history, politics, and culture, and wwwsites useful for educators. My www page outlines my interests.

Mary Strunk
My interests within American Studies include women's history, Depression era history, 1930s gangsters and other American anti-heroes (from all periods), the history of the FBI, film studies, and public memory(ies).  Because I'll be teaching a class called "Crimes of the Century" next year, I'd be especially invested in evaluating sites devoted to celebrated criminal cases of the 20th century. I'm also interested in web resources related to writing-intensive courses, or to writing in general.
Graduate student, American Studies program, University of Minnesota

Peter W. Williams
My interests are in Religion, esp. since Independence, and in architecture and public art, 1870-1940.
Dept. of Religion, Miami University of Ohio

Robert A. Wilson
Main subject areas: History and Historical Culture Studies, Literature and Text Studies, and Working Class and Labor Studies.
My past interests have been in Postmodern American literature, Film Studies, and 19th century US History; while continuing to pay some attention to these areas, my current commitments lean towards earlier American Literature.  I have also worked through Carnegie Technology Education as a Software Systems Design 2 instuctor (Hardware, Software, Networking, and Troubleshooting).
Dept. of English, Lehigh University

John Woznicki
Main subject areas:  Literature and Text Studies, Material Culture, Music and Performance, Philosophy, Popular Culture and Media Cultures, Science and Technology, Social Movements and Sociological Studies, Visual Culture, Working Class and Labor Studies
My interests include American literature, film, political organizations, technology, sports, poetry, music, and popular culture.
Dept. of English, Fairmont State College

Eric Yellin
Main subject areas: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity; Social Movements and Sociological Studies; History and Historical Culture Studies
I recently graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in United States History.  My interests include
race, ethnicity, and African-American culture.  I plan to pursue a doctorate in history and American Studies,
with a focus on the development of American identity in the nineteenth century.
Independent scholar

Michael Yellin
I am a Lehigh graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in English Literature. My interests include Jewish-American Literature, African-American Literature, and Socialist Literature.  I am particularly interested in studying the ways in which Jewish literary critics have engaged African-American texts.
Dept. of English, Lehigh University

Reviewers On Hold/Not Currently Active:

Dan Sack
I am an historian of American religion, but with a decent background in American history in general. I am currently working on a research project on the role of material and materialism in American religion; as part of that I administrate a web site (see below).
Material History of American Religion Project
P.O. Box 520, Decatur, Georgia 30031-0520
404/687-4633 sack@materialreligion.org