NASA Award NNX10AJ20G: Advanced Materials Partnership – Optimization for Aerospace and Defense Materials and Components

Short Summary:

This project is developing a framework for the life-cycle management and optimization of aerospace and defense special materials and components. The research is conducted in the A140 computational laboratory at the ATLSS Engineering Research Center under the support of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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The overall goal of this project is optimization of properties for materials, components, and systems to improve reliability and maximize life-cycle performance in a cost-effective manner. In this context, a general methodology for optimum inspection, monitoring, and repair planning minimizing life-cycle cost and maximizing expected service life under uncertainty using probabilistic optimization technology is developed. Reliability physics and a probabilistic technology framework are applied to the R&D process and outcomes. Multiple and competing criteria that affect reliability and cost will undergo balanced optimization relative to allowable limits. State-of-art software, laboratory tools and advanced techniques for analysis, testing, simulation and multi-objective optimization are developed under the NASA support with Dr. Dan M. Frangopol and Dr. Martin Harmer as the Principal Investigators.