Dr. Frangopol is a leading international figure in life-cycle performance, maintenance, reliability and multi-criteria optimization of structural systems and networks, whose work has had a significant impact on bridge engineering.

According to ASCE (2010) "Dan M. Frangopol is a preeminent authority in bridge safety and maintenance management, structural reliability and life-cycle engineering. His contributions have defined much of the practice around design specifications, management methods, and optimization approaches. From the maintenance of deteriorated structures and the development of system redundancy factors to assessing the performance of long span structures, Dr. Frangopol's research has not only saved time and money, but very likely also saved lives."

Dr. Frangopol's research focuses on life-cycle performance, safety, reliability, risk and multi-criteria optimization of structural systems; bridge inspection, maintenance, and management based on life-cycle cost under uncertainty; reliability and risk oriented structural health monitoring; risk-based decision making in structural engineering; stochastic analysis and optimization of networks of damaged structures under extreme events; and infrastructure resilience to disasters. He also is interested in application of methods of probability and statistics to marine engineering, probabilistic engineering mechanics, and earthquake engineering.