Professor Don Davis

The end-of-semester website for the course


  1. In the early part of the course, groups of 3 will read a book and report on it to the class. You will purchase the book from me (at my cost).
  2. Do some running and keep a journal. Tell as much as you wish about each run (where you went, with whom, how you felt, how long, etc.). I will read your journals several times during the semester.
  3. Participate in at least one of the ultramarathon listserves (e-mail discussion groups). This will allow you to see what ultramarathoners talk about, and to seek information, if you wish. I would hope that this would be a topic of class conversation, which is one component of your grade, and I will ask you to write a short paper near the end of the semester on your experience with this and other sources of ultrarunning information on the internet. For example, Ultramarathon World at has a wealth of old and new news about the sport.
  4. I have all the issues of UltraRunning Magazine since 1989, 10 per year. I will distribute 3 or 4 to each of you, and ask you to report to the class on things that you found interesting in them. These must be returned to me after you read them.
  5. Observe an ultramarathon race and write a short paper about your experience. There will be several opportunities to do this. Transportation may be a problem, which we will have to work out. Here are some races which take place this fall.
  6. Speakers. You will be asked to write a short paper about any one of our speakers. Those lined up so far are:
  7. The text, The Lore of Running, will be used mainly as a source. It will be helpful for some of the research papers. Certain sections of it will be assigned to be read for class discussion.
  8. Research paper. You can work in groups of two or three, and should produce both a written and oral report. Some possible topics are listed below. These will be introduced in class prior to the selection of research topics. You are certainly welcome to write on topics other than these.

Here is a list of students in the class.