Math 52, Fall 2020

Survey of Calculus II

Professor Don Davis

The text is "Calculus and its Applications," fourteenth edition, by Goldstein, Lay, Schneider, and Asmar.

Your grade will be determined from the following. If your final total is at least 90% (resp. 80, 70, 60), you are guaranteed of getting at least an A- (resp. B-, C-, D-).

If a student does poorly on one midterm exam, that exam may have its component toward your grade divided by 2, if that helps your final average. For example, if your scores are (HW&Q,MT1,MT2,Final)=(90,30,90,180), your average would be 78%, but dividing MT1 by 2 yields (90+15+90+180)/450 = 83.3%, which would be your grade.

Two types of problems are assigned. The "Suggested problems" are not to be handed in. You can usually find the answers to them in the back of the book to check your work. You are strongly encouraged to work these problems. Many exam and quiz problems will be very similar to some of the suggested problems.

The "Hand-in problems" are to be handed in by noon on Gradescope on the indicated date. They are not from the book; they will be posted on CourseSite. They will be graded on a 20-point basis. The solutions to the Hand-in Problems will be posted on Course Site at 4 PM the day they are due. Late homework will not be accepted.

On the Hand-in Problems, you may not copy someone else's work. I am willing to help you on the hand-in problems, either by email or office hours. Students found to be copying on hand-in homework may be taken before the Disciplinary Committee.

10-minute quizzes will take place at the end of class on the dates indicated on the schedule below. Quizzes will be composed of problems similar to Suggested Problems based on the indicated sections. If you miss a quiz for a reason which the professor considers excusable, you will receive a score of 16 out of 20. Quizzes will be graded on a 20-point basis. Half-credit (10 points) is given just for handing in the paper; this is to reward attendance. The quizzes and homeworks will comprise one category. The three lowest scores in this category will be dropped, and the rest averaged. On days listed as review/quiz, we will have a Zoom from 12:00 to 12:35 during which time I hope you will ask questions and I will present live on a blackboard. Then at 12:35, we will switch to Gradescope for your quiz. We allow extra time for issues with uploading and downloading.

The hour exams will be held on Gradescope on Sept 28 and Oct 30. In order to be considered for a makeup of an hour exam, you must notify the professor in advance with ample documentation. If your excuse is deemed acceptable, you will be given a makeup exam at a convenient time. The final exam will cover material from the entire semester, with a heavy emphasis on material subsequent to the second hour exam.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting accommodations, please contact both your instructor and the Office of Academic Support Services, University Center 212 (610-758-4152) as early as possible in the semester. You must have documentation from the Academic Support Services office before accommodations can be granted.

Lehigh University endorses The Principles of our Equitable Community. We expect each member of this class to acknowledge and practice these Principles. Respect for each other and for differing viewpoints is a vital component of the learning environment inside and outside the classroom.

Statement regarding learning outcomes.

Schedule of lectures, Suggested Problems, and Hand-in Problems.