Lehigh Valley American Regions Math League team

Awards won by Lehigh Valley ARML team, and top performers

This list includes awards won by the Lehigh Valley ARML team and its members at the ARML, PUMaC, and HMMT contests. It does not include the many outstanding awards won by members of the team in other competitions.

Schneider Scholar Awards. ($200, $100, and $50 awarded to top performers on Individual problems at spring practices, compliments of Schneider family. Top female $50, and Top middle school ($50) started in 2021.)

Top performers on ARML individual questions have been as below. They are listed on a 10-point basis. Prior to 2009, there were only 8 problems, but scores are multiplied by 1.25. Years remaining are included at end, if relevant. Possibly more interesting is a spreadsheet listing the 43 people who answered at least 73% of their individual questions during a three-year period, or >60% during a four-year period, or 55% during a five-year period.