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Nov 2022 article in Lehigh Brown & White about ARML alum Ben Zauzmer's baseball presentation at Lehigh.

Article in Spring 2019 edition of Acumen, a publication of Lehigh's College of Arts and Sciences.

Blog post by Bill White about our results at 2016 ARML.

Two articles in the print Morning Call and two blog posts by Bill White.

Article about ARML alum Matt Kilgore in USA Today.

Article in Spring 2014 Lehigh Alumni Bulletin about Martinos gifts to LV ARML team

Paul Carpenter column in Morning Call Feb 16, 2014, comparing LV ARML dominance to that of Bethelehem Catholic wrestling team, and response of opposition to this dominance.

Featured article in Washington Post Magazine(8-5-12) about Montgomery ARML team which mentions our team four times. You may have to register in order to read the whole article, but that is easy to do. Here it is in pdf, without the pictures.

Paul Carpenter column in Morning Call about team's second place finish at 2012 ARML. pdf version.

Donkeylicious blogger wrote about our team.

Frank Morgan's blog about our team in May 28, 2012, Huffington Post

Article in Chronicle of Higher Education about Coach Davis and 3-peat.

Article on Lehigh website about 2011 national championship.

Article in Bethlehem Patch about 2011 national championship.

Article in Express-Times about 2010 national championship.

Article on Lehigh website about 2010 team.

Article about team on blogsite of Albany math circle

Article in Express-Times about 2009 national championship

Article in June 3, 2009, Morning Call by columnist Paul Carpenter "Math team's victory 'lost in the shuffle'". It was followed by this in the June 6 Morning Call.

Article about the 2009 team on Lehigh website

Article on Lehigh website about second place finish in 2007 contest

Article from June 1, 2007, Express-Times about team member Ben Kraft, who finished second in national MathCounts, met with President George W. Bush, but said he was more interested in ARML.

Article which I wrote was published in Fall 2006 issue of PCTM Magazine.

Article in June 8, 2005, issue of the Morning Call about our winning the national championship.

Column by Paul Carpenter in June 19, 2005, issue of Morning Call entitled "Stunning triumph by math students gets short shrift".

Article about 2005 team on Lehigh website.

Article about team in Math Assoc of America EPADEL section newsletter.

Text of article from May 10, 2004, issue of Morning Call about team member Ameya Velingker, who was one of 12 finalists for the US Olympiad team.

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