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Monday November 28, 2005 0:02

Sunday November 27, 2005 11:07
Australian article about Yiannis Kouros and his amazing performance in the Cliff Young 6 Day Race.

Saturday November 26, 2005 7:43
Cliff Young Australian 6 Day results

Friday November 25, 2005 20:57
The Ultracentric 48 hour is underway in Addison Texas with two runners duking it out. Mark Henderson and Paul Piplani just have to hang in there. The 24 hour starts at 10:00 am Central Time tomorrow.

Friday November 25, 2005 20:46
Yiannis Kouros sets new 6 Day world record in Colac. More

Thursday November 24, 2005 15:32
An excellent article on Yiannis Kouros has resurfaced thanks to Gordon Cherr and Carl Laniak on the Ultralist. Stephanie Nelson wrote The Golden Greek as part of a course Don Davis offered, the Ultramarathon Running Freshman Seminar at Lehigh University during fall semester 1996.

Wednesday November 23, 2005 19:16
Phil Essam writes "At the 93 hr mark, Yiannis has 717.2km on the cards. This is still on WR pace and anything is possible. " More

The Australian 6 day race is into its third day and Yiannis Kouros has a substantial 122 km lead over Vlastimil Dvoracek. Yiannis's total of 158 miles for the first day overshadows Steve Petersons 148 mile victory in the recent San Diego One Day race which incorporated the American National 24 hour Championships. The 48 hour mark records Kouros as having 432 km.

Sunday November 20, 2005 18:56
Colac update:
21 Nov 05 - 1040HR
S - At the 22hrs mark. Yiannis had 236.4km on the board. How far will he go. 2nd and 3rd is Vlastimil Dvoracek and Cladue Hardel who have 186.8 and 186.4km. More

Sunday November 20, 2005 12:11
The Cliff Young Australian Sixday Race is underway and updates will be available at the link courtesy of Phil Essam.

Friday November 18, 2005 18:51
The magazine is almost ready. Again. A friend gave me a heads up about an article: In this footrace, the last 3,000 miles are the toughest

Monday November 7, 2005 9:53
Posted on the ultralist:
With the Ultracentric 24/48 hour race about 60% full, only three runners are entered in the 48 hour event!! If you are considering running a 48, now is your chance. For an application or with questions email me at
run2xs@earthlink.net. Scott Eppelman, Race Director

Also the IAU have a new labelling system for Ultra races. Anyone interested in forming The International Association for Multiday Runners (IAMR) please drop me a line.

Thursday November 3, 2005 17:13
From Cool Running
The San Diego One-Day Race, site of this year's American 24 Hour Run National Championship on November 12-13, 2005, will make history this year by additionally hosting the first-ever ultramarathon international dual meet on American soil. The all-day/all-night event, the longest national championship race in U.S. distance running, will be highlighted by a history-making, head-to-head match between U.S. & Japanese national teams.

Wednesday November 2, 2005 16:47
I lost access to the site for a few days, sorry about that. Anyway, Phil Essam posted the big news that Yiannis Kouros will be running in the Colac 6 day race in Australian in a few weeks. Also the first Australian indigenous native is planning to run the race.World Ultra News has more on 70 year old Albert (Jack) Clarke.

The Across The Years race at Nardini Manor is practically full. Caught me by surprise there, so it should be a very interesting three days.

Ultra Distance/Mountain Running Proposed Commonwealth Championship. News from the IAU

Friday October 28, 2005 19:12
The Libyan Challenge - more

Wednesday October 26, 2005 9:21
Guest Blogger to day is Tsvetan Tsekov talking about blisters.

Tuesday October 25, 2005 8:08
Dean Karnazes is in the news again with a 350 mile non-stop run.
Augrabies Extreme Marathon results
Jesper Olsen leaves London today to return to Denmark after completing the first documented run-around-the-world. See his website Worldrun.org

Friday October 21, 2005 10:34
The 6th South African Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon is on it's last day.

Thursday October 20, 2005 22:03
Gemini Adventures post dates for their ultras and multidays.
Pages are added frequently and/or updated, so here on the left is a "Whats New" button to make it easier to find what's happened recently on the site.

Also the first Guest Blogger, Chankhya Jakovic, has appeared on the main Blog and todays Guest is Jay Bizarri

News of Jesper Olsen running through Ireland posted on the Sri Chinmoy Inspiration site. Jesper is some 200 miles away from reaching his goal and has photos of his journey at WorldRun.org

October 19, 2005 18:17
News release. Jesper Olsen is 4 days away from completing his run around the world.

Newsletters from The Coastal Challenge and the Yukon Arctic Ultra

Tuesday October 18, 2005 10:03
Colac are not accepting any more applications for the 6 day race. Who's running
Checkout the 24 hour pages for news and articles.

Also will be having a regular guest spot on the Bravenet blog

Tuesday October 11, 2005 9:13
24 hour race results from Tooting Bec, London and Auckland, New Zealand are available. See the 24 hour race pages.
Article from the Evening Herald on Jesper going to Ireland can be found on the blog and on this site

Sunday October 9, 2005 23:31
Jurgen Ankenbrand posts a report about his recent adventures on the ultralist, reproduced here.

Saturday October 8, 2005 0:09
Jesper Olsen finishes the North American leg of his run around the world outside the UN in New York today at 2:pm. A delighted Jesper was very grateful to all the crews and helpers that have supported him on his run so far.

Sunday October 2, 2005 22:57
Peter Bakwin posted this report on the Deutschlandlauf 2005 race on the ultralist.

Sunday October 2, 2005 9:51
Trans Korea 2005: A brief report on the IAU site. From 186 starters there were 76 finishers within the 64 hour time limit for the 308 km race.

Saturday October 1, 2005 23:15
Jens Lukas retains his grip on the Spartathlon 24:26:39 with his second victory in a row and Kimie Noto, from Japan, is the first lady in 30:23:07. One Ameican finished, Don Winkley and five Brits led by Mark Williams and Willie Sichel. Twelve ladies finished and eight of those were Japanese. Full results



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