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I wanted to make the software I announced on comp.os.linux.x available as quickly as possible. So, I'm going to provide links to the directory where all that stuff is placed. I guess the filenames will make sense. Let me know if there are any problems downloading this.

All the Motif programs below were compiled with MetroLink Motif-2.0 statically linked. All other lib's are dynamically linked. These are X11R6 binaries, built (most) with linux-1.2.1, gcc-2.6.3, libc-4.6.27, and with the XFree86-3.1.1 dynamic X libraries. You will need the Xpm library,, as well. Source is available for those with their own Motif. If you use these a lot, you should consider getting Motif. They work faster with dynamic lib's, and it 's not that expensive.

I have gotten a few complaints that these files don't come across right, and some browsers (like Mozilla) try to display them. In Netscape: [Shift]-[Button1] will save it to a file, and even prompt you for the filename. In Mosaic, there is a menu choice to `save to local disk'. Sorry I can't make the fancier methods work right.

I'm trying something different now. I moved all the files, *.lsm and archives, in a directory (stuff) all their own, and provide a link to that directory. You can then choose what you want from that. Let me know if this works better.

Source and some binary distributions of all the software described here.

  • LyX This is what was The word-processor formerly knowb as LyriX and despite the suggestion that it be known as some cute symbol, the author decided on LyX. It's close to the old name, still has a musical connotation,and is short. Due to the huge interest in this program, I am posting what is currently known as ``lyx-0.6'' here. I also am maintaining a Web page on this side of the world for LyX. It's LyX home page, US .

    LyX is a word-processor front-end to LaTeX. It has some really nice features. It is a great way to use TeX for those jobs you don't do all the time, so you forget how to TeX it. This is almost completely WYSIWYG, except that LaTeX will re-format the document for printing. The screen gives a very good approximation of the TeX formatting. Really quite impressive. Both binary and source in one archive. Watch for upgrades; it's going through a lot of pre-beta testing. Please provide bug-reports to either me or the author.

  • Ashe is A Simple Hypertext Editor, I think. It edits html files; you get a split screen; top is html code, bottom is formatted output. Fred Watkins has fixed the load bug and another minor bug; many thanks, Fred.

  • Nedit is a Motif-based editor, statically linked to Motif-2.0, for XFree-3.1.1. This is a very good editor. BTW, I fixed a small bug, which caused an extra horizontal band to appear across the bottom. Thanks to (Craig Groeschel), who told me how to do it. This fix has not yet been posted to sunsite.

  • Plan is a Motif calendar/planner, statically linked binary. Nice calendar. This is out of date. I believe the author has the latest (with static Motif) on sunsite. Get his, its better.

  • Grok, a very nice and easy-to-use database program. Updated to 1.1.5 (5/28/95). Also, this is now out of date. I think there is a static version on suniste, but maybe not. If you are going to be using a lot of these programs, you really should get Motif.

  • X-mine, a minesweeper game, that looks very familiar.

  • DTE, a simple curses-based editor. This has been hacked at by me and a number of others (Paul Lin and Jeff Spirko, to name two) to run under linux. The terminal definitions weren't correctly interpreted, so they are hard-coded in to run on an xterm and a linux terminal. It had been previously hacked at by Steve Roseman and others in the LUCC to make it a simple editor usable by un*x novices. It uses function keys (displayed at the bottom) to perform standard editing functions. It still needs some work, but I might as well put it here.

  • nls.tar.gz This just provides the ``locale'' files, or natural-language files, that you would need to run an X11R5 program (even from a remote machine) under X11R6. It unpacks from / into /usr/lib/X11/nls. Without these files many R5 programs crash when run on an R6 system, even if the correct libraries are there.

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