Lehigh University Geometry/Topology Conference Registration

Please submit this form, or a paper version, by May 15. If you plan to attend, please return the form even if you do not require housing or wish to speak, in order that we can provide a list of participants and plan for refreshments.

If you wish to request travel support, you should also fill out the travel support form.

If you wish to give a talk, please check here: Talk
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Please provide a brief abstract of your talk, either in the space below if your abstract is quite brief (only a limited amount of text will be accepted by this form), or by e-mail to dlj0@lehigh.edu. LaTeX2e format is preferred, but we can adapt other TeX flavors, or plain text. You can also send a printed abstract by regular mail.

In addition, please select the general category that would be closest to the subject of your talk. Choose the closest one.

Homotopy theory
Abstract algebraic topology
Applied algebraic topology
Differential and geometric topology
Geometric analysis, analysis on manifolds, PDE
Geometric flows
Differential geometry
Theoretical Physics
SCV/complex geometry
Algebraic geometry

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Housing Information

On-campus dormitory housing will be available at a subsidized rate of $35 per night, payable upon arrival. All rooms are single occupancy rooms arranged in suites with shared bath and LR/kitchen facilities. To request a dorm room, please complete the following information:

Which nights do you need housing?


Gender identification (for suite assignments)


Additional rooms for non-participants are available at $40 per person, $60 for a room shared by two (young children are gratis).

If you prefer hotel accomodations, the best option is the Comfort Suites Hotel, located 4 blocks from campus. Contact the hotel directly by calling (610) 882-9700. We do not have a block of rooms reserved for the conference, so you should contact them as soon as possible.


On Friday evening there will be a banquet, at a cost of $30 per person. Guests are wwelcome at a cost of $30. Number attending banquet:

None 1 2 More than 2


There is a $20 registration fee, $30 per person for the banquet, and $35 per night for the dorm room ($60 per night per room for double occupancy).

Since we have no reasonable way to collect charges over the internet, you may pay upon arrival.

If you have any special needs or questions, please write them here.

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